1500 Pulling Vehicle Names

July 30, 2019

There’s nothing quite like a new pulling vehicle to make you feel like king (or queen) of the track! Having a puller comes with many perks: you can win $400 for pull competition, get custom shirts made to show off your vehicle when you are not next to it, and become somewhat of a local legend! With all of these reasons, we'll give you one more:  You are helping your community and the sport grow.

Did you ever wonder if your puller's name was ever used before? Why not look it up. On Desktop Find it (Control + F) and then you can see if your one-off name is really one-off. Drop a comment below with yours. We also link to Facebook pages in our Links Section.

If you are looking for more ideas, keep scrolling..more tips are below.

The List

Vehicle Name Class Hometown League
00Z Vern Zerby LPS Shamokin, PA ITTP
100 Proof Nick Swenby LSS Downing, WI Wisconsin
1206 Express Kevin Roy/Travis Hinkle LPS Upper Tract, WV ITTP
2 Much Fun Jim Scheffler LSS Hancock, IA Outlaw
2 Ruthless Ruth LPS Downing, MO Nebraska Bush
2 Timin Petro Family 2WD Camden, OH NTPA
20 Mule Team SF DSS
300 & Change Hunter Snyder OH Ohio State
310 Epxress LPS/PS OH Ohio State
4 Play Paul Holman 4WD Wauseon, OH NTPA
44 Special Reloaded Jason Van De Weert LSS Addison, VT Empire State
4450 Deere Erine Lange SF
4955 Fleming David Fleming
4WD Parker Tracey Parker 4WD Lexington, VA DMP
504 Smokin Rocket Ryan Lynn 4WD Unity, WI Wisconsin
7730 John Deere Scott Rink
A Gray Area Dustin Platte SF Hubbard, IA Outlaw
A Gray Area Dustin Platte LSS Hubbard, IA NTPA/Outlaw
Aaron Fox Aaron Fox
Ace in the Hole Jerry Ruhnow PS Osco, IL Outlaw
Ace in the Hole Jerry Ruhnow Martinsburg, MO Osco, IL
Aces & 8’s Bryan Huff PS Lodi, Ohio Ohio State
Aces Nights & IH’s Randy Stuckenschneider LPS PS Mid Missouri
Aces Wild Chris Cain PS New Palestine, IN NTPA
Acme Rocket Ted Ingram 7800 LPS New Canton, VA DMP
Addicted John Schwaninger HF Trappe, MD ECP
Addicted Travis Hinkle LPS Upper Tract, WV ITTP
Addiction Ryan Frerichs USS Wayne, NE Outlaw
Adrenaline Collin Wiens USS Beatrice, NE Outlaw
Adrenaline   SF  
Adrenaline Rush Mike Sather 4WD Hammond, WI NTPA
After Hours John Grau LPS Oak Harbor, OH Ohio State
After Hours Mike Johannes PS Ashley, IL Illinois State
After Hours Delton Stallings 4SB Hertford, NC DMP
After Midnight John Mumma 4WD Philo, IL PPL/Illinois State
After Shock Dave Kriz 4WD Tyndall, SD Outlaw
Aftermath Gary Karlen 2WD Minerva, OH NTPA
Against All Odds Dennis Martin BB MINI ITTP
AGCO Matt Altvater LPS Trappe, MD ITTP
AGCO Karlen Kyle Karlen 2WD Minerva, OH NTPA
AGCO RT135 Dwight Swope HF Churchville, VA DMP
Agent Orange Burt & Tom Byers SF Amana, IA Outlaw
Agent Orange Burt/ Tom Byers 4WD Amana, IA Outlaw
Agitator Blaine Fraker 2WD Marshall, IL PPL
Agitator Jason Sullivan SF IA Tri State
Agitator Rodney Yarger BB MINI ITTP
Agri Logic White Scott Whitworth LLSS MO Nebraska Bush
Aint Misbehavin Phillip Bewley Elizabethtown, KY Bluegrass
Ain't Skeered Roy Baum BB MINI ITTP
Alcohol Abuse Denni Shives 4SB ITTP
Alcoholic Deere Dykes USS/LPS McMinville, TN Mid South
Alcoholic Harvester LPS Ohio State
All About That Allis Parran Bean 7800 LPS California, MD DMP
All About That Green Dustin Everett/Bob Buescher LPS Monrovia/Clayton, IN NTPA
All Business Steve Shackelford 9507 LPS Chilhowee, MO Outlaw
All Business Roger Early SF Sabina, OH NTPA
All Cranked Up Jason Viney/Matthew Cosler Cottage Grove, WI Badger State
All In LSS/LPS Murray, IA Outlaw
All In Mike Eckels LPS Hoosier
All Mixed Up Tommy Henley 4PS Manokin Sabot, VA DMP
Allis Express Tyler Dohrman LSS Sweet Springs, MO Outlaw
Allison Wonderland Jim Ebel MOD Scribner, NE Outlaw
Almost Cheatin Oliver Shuknecht 2WD Elba, NY Empire State
Alphin Ford Ranger Thomas Alphin 4OL DMP
Always Runnin Mikey White LPS Lafayette, TN PPL
Always Somethin Wes Niemann LLSS NE Nebraska Bush
American Beauty Larry Wright 4WD Lexington, KY Bluegrass
American Farmer David Daigh 2WD Taylorville, IL NTPA/Illinois
American Made Keith Slayden 4WD Clinton, KY Mid South
American Ride Brad Hunter MOD Salem, KY PPL
American Thunder Bill Vorheis SF Argos, IN NTPA
Amish Engineuity Eric Brooks 4WD New Marshfield OH NTPA
Amish Engine-uity Robert Miller PF ITTP
Analyze This Austin/Jared Stoner 4SB ITTP
Anderson Farms Dave Anderson USS Queen City, MO Outlaw
Anderson Farms Dave Anderson DSS Green Top, MO Outlaw
Animal House Justin Justice USS West Green, GA Southern
Another Deere Kegim Parobek LSS West Salem, OH NTPA
Another Night Trouble Kenneth Hale LSS Tullahoma, TN Mid South/NTPA
Antrim Tantrum Philip Price LPS ITTP
Apparatus Ben Clark 2WD Varysburg, NY Empire State
Apple Pie Express Brian Grifka Newton, WI Peck, MI NTPA/Wolverine
Armed & Dangerous Excessive Force Mike Chizek LSS SF NTPA
Assorted Nuts Brooke Farris 2WD Addison, MI NTPA
At It Again Ryan Writsel SF Orient, OH NTPA/Ohio
Attitude Adjuster Phillip Jones MOD Huntingtown, MD  ECP
Auction Express Dane Hartman USS Milford, IL NTPA
Audie Ribble Audie Ribble
Avenger Mark Ulmer 4WD Menno, SD Outlaw
Avery Chevy Chris Avery 4SB DMP
Awesome Ride Tom Konopatski Sidlinger Springville, PA East Coast
B Balderson IH 1066 Bill Balderson AF DMP
Babe 2WD
Baby Blue Knight Chad Taylor SS Lore City, OH Ohio State
Baby Deere Power Darren Olden DSS Keedysville, MD
Baby Deere Power Destinee Palmer DSS ITTP
Back & Black Troy Arndt DSS Sac City, IA Outlaw
Back 4 More Nathan Frey 2WD OH Ohio State
Back Forty Kyloe Knapp SF Charles City, IA NTPA
Back In Black Albert Brown PS SEMI Newmanstown, PA ECP
Back in Black Brad Fisher 4WD Java Center, NY Empire State
Backwoods Binder Derek Brinkley HF Millboro, VA DMP
Bad Addiction W.T. Miller HR SEMI Peru, IN ECP, NTPA
Bad Attitude Farrell Martin 2WD Springfield, NE Outlaw
Bad Attitude William Miller HR SEMI Peru, IN ECP, NTPA
Bad Attitude III Johnny Wynne PS Garner, NC UPOC
Bad Bodacious Nicholas Thomas 4WD Sharon Grove, KY Mid South
Bad Bowtie Rick Johnson 2WD Powell, WY NTPA
Bad Bowtie Gone Blown Jim Flynn SF Decorah, IA Tri State
Bad Boy Marvin McDonald LPS Red Springs, NC UPOC
Bad Company Davey Skinner DSS Kentucky
Bad Company Terry Shafer 2WD Glenford, OH NTPA
Bad Decisions Jake Miller 2WD Whitewright, TX Outlaw
Bad Dog  Greg Dean HR SEMI Shenandoah, VA ECP, NTPA
Bad Habit Al Stallings SF Youngsville, NC NTPA/UPOC
Bad Habit Is Back Michael Fanning 2WD Winchester, TN Mid South
Bad Investment Mike Ricketts PF ITTP
Bad Medicine Mark Cook 4WD Delevan, NY Empire State
Bad S Dan Savage 4WD Lancaster, PA ECP
Bad Timing  Andrew Grove PSD New Freedom, PA ECP
Badger Binder Rich Miller 4WD Roberts, WI NTPA
Badger Deere Chris Leer SF Readstown, WI Tri State
Bamber Hemi Dave Bamber/Duane Keener 4WD Bolivar, MO NTPA/PPL/Outlaw
Bambi Tyler Cobb USS Ashland, OH PPL
Bandit Tyler Cobb 4WD Bartow, GA NTPA/Southern
Bank Robber Doug Lively LSS State Center, IA NTPA
Bankers Nightmare Logan Schoneweis MOD NE Nebraska Bush
Barbwire Wesley Foster SF McMinnville, TN Mid South
Barder Turbo Service James Barder PSD Elizabethville, PA ECP
Bare Bones Binder Cranford Jennings MOD Lawrenceburg, TN Mid South
Bare Necesities Mark Wiederhold 2WD Clarksville, OH NTPA/UPOC
Barely Affordable Ricky Blizzard MOD Mt. Airy, MD ITTP
Barely Getting By Steve Wischmeier LPS Seymour, IN PPL
Barn Buddy Chuck Schlueter/Brayden Barnett LPS Carrollton, MO Outlaw
Barnyard Shaker Bill Catlett HF Spotsylvania, VA DMP
Basket Case Ronnie Greene LSS MO Missouri State
Bean IH 966 Logan Bean AF DMP
Beautiful Noise Don Scholting MOD Springfield, NE Outlaw
Beauty & the Beast Monica Gorham LPS Franklin, KY Mid South
Beaver Hunter Reloaded Duane Bauer 2WD Marshfield, WI Wisconsin
Beer Wagon Corey Kielmeyer 4WD Nerstrand, MN NTPA
Ben Jammin Ben Ellis Jr 4WD Champlain, VA DMP/NTPA
Best Bet Trent Best 2WD Chambersburg, PA ECP
Bid Bird 4WD Mid South
Big & Nasty Billy "Grey" Perry 4PS Hot Springs, VA DMP
Big Bang Theory Andrew Beckman Nathan Replogle Hoskins, NE Outlaw
Big Bird 2WD 4WD Henry, TN
Big Daddy Magic Douthit/Travis Stene 4WD Mid South
Big Ed Red Ed Sullivan USS Warsaw, KY PPL/Mid South
Big Johnson Ed Johnson/Jeremy Ploetz Alliance,OH NTPA
Big One Replogle LPS St. Charles, MN
Big Red LSS LPS Alcestor, SD
Big Temptation Haug Family SF Centralia, KS PPL/Outlaw
Billet Blue Nathan Graham LPS Greensburg, PA ITTP
Billy Goat Coffee 4PSD Victoria, VA DMP
Binder Express Dan Schulte SS Manchester, IA Badger State
Birch Hollow Deere Don Van Duyn 2WD Decorah, IA Tri State
Bit of Magic III Tyler & Mike Johnson 4WD Harmony, MN NTPA/MN
Bits N Pieces Ed Tilman HR SEMI Powhatan, VA ECP, NTPA
Black Diamond Austin Berry SF OH
Black Gold Ernie Lange 4WD Glencoe, MN NTPA/Ohio State
Black Ice Wesley Keys 4PS Rixeyville, VA DMP
Black Magic Hill SF
Black Magic Joe Smeal Scribner, NE Outlaw
Black n Blew Adam House LPS ITTP
Black Power Chris Weidinger MO Attica, OH NTPA
Black Sheep of the Family Danny Teeter 2WD SF Missouri Sate
Black Sheep  Lou Shanklin HR SEMI Navarre, OH ECP, NTPA
Black Stallion 2 Vaughn Loos LPS Loyal, WI Wisconsin
Black Stripe Addiction Dennis Boop PF ITTP
Black Thunder Alan Cook LPS Wilton, WI NTPA/Wisconsin
Black Thunder  Patrick Riggle HR SEMI Apollo, PA ECP, NTPA
Black Tornado Matt Holland SF Milroy, IN NTPA
Black Viper Greg Lamb 2WD Madison, IN NTPA
Blade Gone Sweet Morgan Bartley Saluda, SC NTPA
Blazin Binder Chris Underwood SF Bradyville, TN Bluegrass
Blazin Blue Jeff Rathell PF ITTP
Bleedin Blue Scott Kiskaddon LPS ITTP
Bleedin Green Jay Smithback LLPS Utica, Wi NTPA/Wisconsin
Blowin Bucks Trevor Jones 2WD Stewardsville, MO Outlaw
Blown Budget Rod Brogley MOD Platteville,WI Tri State
Blown Centseless Kevin Criswell LSS Marion, OH NTPA
Blue Blazes Mike Wilhite LPS Bardstown, KY PPL
Blue By You Adam Ritchie SPF DMP
Blue Can Fever Rob Polson LSS Springfield, NE Outlaw
Blue Force Jason Mellott PF ITTP
Blue Reaper Nathan Graham LPS Greensburg, PA ITTP
Blue Streak Ryan Molnau MOD Turbo Young America, MN NTPA
Blue Unit Adam House LPS Shenandoah, VA ITTP
Bob Barbee Bob Barbee PS Springfield, TN PPL
Boiling Point Bryan Bowles PS Mt Vernon, MO Outlaw
Boiling Point Steve Shackelford 9508 LPS Chilhowee, MO Outlaw
Bombadeere Drew Parkinson/Tim Skelton Granville, OH NTPA
Bone Tim Skelton 4WD Harvard, IL NTPA
Bone Twister Travis Schlabach LLSS Marengo, IA NTPA
Boothill Express Jeff Rayl/Thomas Shafer Boone Terre, MO
Bootlegger Jason Svonavec PS Rockwood, PA ECP
Bootlegger Tyler Shives 4SB ITTP
Boozin Binder Lewis Conner SF Jamestown, KY Bluegrass
Borderline II Justin Weaver 2WD Hamilton, NY Empire State
Born Green Tyler Boeckmann DSS Waverly, IA Outlaw
Boss LPS Glenford, OH
Boss 9 Dale Forrester MOD Chambersburg, PA ITTP
Boss Hawg Jeff Eshelman 2WD East Coast
Bottoms Up Dustin Amundson 4WD Nerstrand, MN NTPA
Bound 4 Glory Joe Merklin 4WD Herman,MO Outlaw
Bounty Hunter Bryan Cubbage LPS Stanley, VA East Coast
Bounty Hunter Seth Novak 9503 LPS Howells, NE Outlaw
Bounty Hunter Seth Novak 2WD Howells, NE East Coast
Bounty Hunter Bill Mills Sr/Jr 4SB ITTP
Breathe Easy David Carlton 4WD Shackelfords, VA DMP/East Coast
Breathe Easy 2 David Carlton 2WD Shacklefords, VA NTPA
Brockasaurus Joe Metzger HR SEMI Shelby, OH ECP, NTPA
Brothers Keeper Billy Morris Nicholasville, KY Bluegrass
Brule Buck Chad Andrews MOD SF Beresford, SD
Brule Buck Chris Andrews SF Beresford, SD Outlaw
Brutus Tom Fleischman Antigo, WI Wisconsin/Outlaw
Bubba Rat Kendall/Robert Brown 4PS Culpeper, VA DMP
Buck Eater 2 Mickey Shorter 2WD PS Sullivan, IN
Buck Fever Bill Preuss LPS Wilton, WI NTPA
Buck Shot Alan Lichte LSS Lexington, MO Outlaw
Buck Up Jim Swiontek LPS Aliquippa, PA NTPA
Buck With No Doe Jay Haning 2WD Morton, IL NTPA/Illinois State
Buckeater Bobby/Rocky Meadows V8 MOD Chester, VA DMP
Bucked Up Larry Larsen PS Crescent, IA Outlaw
Buckeye Bulldog JR Collins HR SEMI Paynesville, OH ECP, NTPA
Buckeye Hauler Jessie Petro SF Camden, OH PPL/NTPA
Bucking Binder Randy Forrest SF
Buck's Fever Gene Williams DSS Jolley, IA Outlaw
Buckshot William Bennett 4MS Culpeper, VA DMP
Bucksnort Wayne Muller LSS Windom, MN NTPA
Bucksnort Outlaw Alan Lichte SF Lexington, MO Outlaw
Buckwild Craig Southard Jr 4MS Culpeper, VA DMP
Buffalo Chips Richard Morris 2WD Neosho, MO Outlaw
Built for Business  Tom Lindsey HR SEMI Duncansville, PA ECP, NTPA
Bull Ride BJ Wilkins LPS Mt. Crawford, VA ITTP
Bullet Proof Calvert 4WD 2WD
Bullet Proof Tommy Corsa LPS Southern/Kentucky
Bulletproof Buck Clint Metting PS Nordheim, TX Outlaw
Bullheaded Binder Drew Mager Rockville, IN PPL
Burn Notice Craig Corzine LPS Assumption, IL NTPA
Burner IH 1066 Allen Burner AF DMP
Burnett 766 IH David Burnett SF Brandenburg, KY Bluegrass/ITTP
Burnin Bucks Mike Dunklau LPS NE
Burnin Bucks Mike Dunklau SF Pilger, NE Outlaw
Burnin Green Jay Buckman/Bruce Bishop 2WD Centralia, MO Mid Missouri/Nebraska Bush
Burnin' Green Robert Riley HF Swope, VA DMP
Burnin' Green 2 Kenny Sandridge HF Raphine, VA DMP
Bush Whacker Wes Spencer 2WD Greenville, OH NTPA
Buy Polar Gone Tuff Tina Cain 2WD Eaton, OH NTPA
Buy Polar Gone Wild Matt Cain LLSS Eaton, OH NTPA
Buzzard Bait Dave Dougherty HF Pylesville, MD ECP
Cancer Vine Mark Filiatreau MOD Bardstown, KY Bluegrass
Captain Hook Wyatt Anderson Greentop, MO Outlaw
Carey 2WD 2WD Lawrenceburg, KY
Carolina Charger Jim Johnson SS Oakboro, NC UPOC
Carolina Coin Binder Ray Briggs SS Chapel Hill, NC UPOC
Case 1070 Douglas Griswold Hartland, WI
Case IH Dean Dennis Dean LSS
Case IH Dean Mark Dean SF Hollywood, AL Mid South
Case IH MXM175 Ricky Tavenner 7800 LPS Berryville, VA DMP
Case IH Shriver Aaron Shriver
CASE MX 140 Ricky Tavener
Case of Misbehavin Doug Cooke PS Gilmanton, WI Tri State
Case of the Reds Mike Ciolino SF Hammond, LA Mid South
Case Pending Cory Hoyt SF Shickshinney, PA East Coast
Cash Burner Steve Marsh LPS Galien, MI NTPA/Wolverine
Cash in the Trash Chris Shoemaker Union City, OH PPL
Cash Only Brad Broy 4MS Berryville, VA DMP
Cashed Out Shawn Thornhill USS Greenville, IN NTPA
Cattlellac Red Jimmy Williams LPS Haymarket, VA ITTP
Cauzin Conflict Gene Weerda LSS Baileyville, IL Badger State
Centsless Melvin Nelson LSS Dannebrog, NE Outlaw
Chain Reaction John Belfance 4WD Amsterdam, NY East Coast
Chance Encounter S Franke/ A Vaske DSS Clear Lake, IA Outlaw
Chances Julie & Ron Haekenkamp Greenfield, MN NTPA
Chapter 11 Norman Newswanger PSD Gardners, PA  ECP
Chevy 2500 Shelton Stallings 4SB Hertford, NC DMP
Chevy Short Body Aaron Spongale 4SB DMP
Chiefs Hooker Cox SF/LPS
Child’s Play TJ Wallace Lexington, AL PPL/Mid South
Chipmunk Tom Morsey SS Taylorsville, KY Bluegrass
Class Act Joe Hoffa/Chris Wood HR SEMI Wooster, OH ECP, NTPA
Clear Cut Michael Shifflett 4WD Churchview, VA DMP
Cocky Cat John Haier Jr. 4WD Eden, NY Empire State
Coin Operated Chad Foerderer LSS Perham, MN NTPA
Commandeere Dan Parkinson SF Granville, OH NTPA
Zach Kabes LLPS NE
Commander Jason Hootman SS Corfu, NY PPL
Considered Armed & Dangerous Brian Korth USS Newton, WI PPL/NTPA
Constant Chaos Allen Shellum Sherman, SD Outlaw/Nebraska Bush
Contender LSS LSS think 4WD
Controlled Chaos David Jones SF Warwickshire, GB NTPA
Cooker Monster Ton Gerates 2WD Elmwood, WI NTPA
Cornburner Van Kelchen 2WD Strawberry, IA
Cornfed David Justison USS Butler, IL NTPA
Cornfed Jason Brammer 4WD Donovan, IL
Cornfield Cadillac Kurt Collins HF Cordova, MD ECP
Cornhusker Cadillac Clayton Schmitt SF Ulysses, NE Outlaw
Cornhusker Deere Duane Schroeder USS Jansen, NE Outlaw
Cornhusker Deere II Schroeder/Jirska/Robinson 4WD NTPA/Illinois State
Cornstalk Express Greg Whitesel MOD Union City, IN NTPA
Cotton Candy Cameron Neaves MOD McAdoo, TX Outlaw
Cotton Pickin Deere Ken Couch LPS Jackson, TN Mid South
Country Classic Tim Palmer Greenville, OH NTPA
Country Deere SS OH
Country Heat Tim Fitzsimmons LLSS Macon, MO NTPA/Ohio State
Cracker Jack Nolan Robinson SF Atwood, TN Mid South
Cranked Up Dan Viney/Denny Grote Cottage Grove, WI Badger State
Crazy 8 LSS LLPS Dunlap, IA
Crazy Canuck Patrice Beaudry SS Granby, Quebec NTPA/Outlaw
Crazy Chaos Russ Metz LSS Attica, NY Empire State
Crazy Horse Frank Shaffer SF Stratford, WI Wisconsin
Crazy Horse Rod Psota LSS Ravenna, NE Outlaw
Crazy Horse Max Varner BB MINI ITTP
Crop Doctor John Silsby PS Vicksburg, MI NTPA
Cruisin Mule II Jay Miller SF LaMotte, IA NTPA
Cruizin Case Lee Sixel USS Howards Grove, Wisconsin NTPA/Wisconsin
Cujo Unleashed Leon Haney LPS Athens, AL Mid South
Cummin for Nuthin Jeff Dobbs LLSS Lebanon, MO Missouri State
Cut Loose Brad Powell 2WD KYBluegrass
Cutting Edge Stan Shelton Darrin Hunt New London, NC PPL
D2 LPS PS Herndon, KY
Da Judge Brandon Hill SF
Dad’s Toy Ron Barga Nicholas Dahl Ansonia, OH PPL
Daddy’s Dream Tyler Swartz USS Courtland, OH NTPA
Dahl IH PS DSS Monticello, MN
Dairy Deere Brandi Martin/Matt Dorty PS Chambersburg, PA  ECP
Dairy Deere Josh Martin 2WD Chambersburg, PA East Coast/NTPA
Dakota Deere Allen Andrews LSS Beresford, SD Outlaw/Kenn Tenn
Dakota Deere Allen Andrews SF Beresford, SD Outlaw
Damage Plan John Dugan 4WD Shepherdstown, WV DMP
Danger Zone Keith Barr LSS McLeansboro, IL Illinois State
Dark Horse Bill Wise BB MINI ITTP
Deal N Deere Chad Mowrey LPS Milford, IL NTPA
Deeply Hooked Marty Chandler DSS Franklin, KY Mid South
Deere & Company Matt Middleton LPS Wilmington, OH NTPA/Hoosier
Deere Buster Bill Bowman Morrison, TN Bluegrass
Deere Factor Wiens USS Beatrice, NE
Deere Factor Collin/Taylor Wiens USS Beatrice, NE Outlaw
Deere Fever Brandon/ Gary Wipf USS Doland, SD Outlaw
Deere Friend Jon Hancock LPS Lafayette, KY Mid South
Deere Gone Wild Bill Bowman MOD Morrison, TN Bluegrass
Deere Hunter Gary/Tommy Coffey V8 MOD Beuna Vista, VA DMP
Delusional Bill Daluge Buffalo, MN Wisconsin
Demented Jeff Michloiche LPS Clifford Township, PA ITTP
Demented Buck Chad Richardson LSS Hallsville, MO Mid Missouri
Demo Deere Barbee Cox 7800 LPS Richmond, VA DMP
Demo Dog Barbie Cox HR SEMI Richmond, VA ECP, NTPA
Demon B Gone Lyle Ronk USS Nemaha, IA Outlaw
Desperado Sid Broughton 4WD Silver Springs, NY NTPA
Detonator Dave Weiss 4WD Bronson, MI NTPA
Deuces Wild Bill Stake, Jr. LPS Jeromesville, OH Ohio State
Devil Dog Merle Harr Caleb Dial Latrobe, PA
Diamond in the Rough Jon Rees PS SEMI Snowshoe, PA ECP
Diesel N Dirt Victor Miller DSS Lewistown, IL NTPA/Illinois State
Diggin Deep Mike Moreland HF Lothian, MD ECP
Diggin Deep Deere Brent Paddock 9504 LPS Mound City, KS Outlaw
Diggin Hard Bill & Joe Degenhardt LSS Norwalk, WI NTPA
Diggin It Dave Meints LSS Pickrell, NE Outlaw
Digg'n For Dirt Mike Presgraves 4PS DMP
Dirt Devil Rodney Schaufer SF Buffalo Lake, MN NTPA
Dirt Donkey Darrell Norman 2WD Athens, AL Mid South
Dirt Dynasty Gary Parsons 4MS DMP
Dirt Flirt Mark Austin SF Brodhead, WI NTPA
Dirt Pays Barrett Flowe MOD Midland, NC Mid South
Dirt Runner Michael Bielunis 2WD Hadley, MA East Coast
Dirt Track Deere John Vick LPS Olmestead, KY Mid South
Dirtslinger Bill Leischner/Scott King PS Weldon/Clinton, IL NTPA/PPL
Dirtslingin Deere Dave/ MacKenzie Yarick PS Rich Hill, MO Outlaw
Dirty Deeds Joe Moore LPS Three Oaks, MI NTPA
Dirty Deeds Brandon Smoot 4PSD Rileyville, VA DMP
Dirty Demonstrator Andrew Meister/Trevor Spencer 2WD West Point, NE Outlaw
Dirty Hooker Tammy Houser 4PS Kearneysville, VA DMP
Dirty Money Steve Wilson USS Prince Frederick, MD East Coast
Dirty Pearl Brandon Simon SF Farley, IA NTPA
Dirty Sally Andy & Nick Battrell 2WD New Viena, OH Ohio State
Disordery Deere Mitch Berg LPS Argyle, WI Wisconsin
Disposable Income Jeremy Lee SF Magnolia, OH Ohio State
Disturbed Rob Trowbridge 4WD South Haven, MI NTPA
Dixie Chopper Jake Zaring SF Fillmore, IN NTPA/PPL
Dixie Deere Jed Pettus SF Lawrenceburg, TN NTPA
Doctor Deere Jeff Bahl LPS Lancaster, WI NTPA
Doctor’s Orders Ben Klott SF Curryville, MO
Doctor’s Orders Phil Kleinhesselink 4WD Alton, IA Outlaw
Doerunner Tony Everett USS Doerunn, GA UPOC
Dominator Deere Mike Novinger SF Shelbyville, MO PPL
Don’t Ask Brad Hart MOD Clayton, MI NTPA
Done Talkin' Pat Jones 4OL DMP
Double Down Jeremy/Jerry Walker HR SEMI Danville IL ECP, NTPA
Double Time Brad Harper SF OH
Double Trouble Barry Spaans Hudson, SD Outlaw/Ohio State
Double Trouble Adam House PF ITTP
Double Vision Dave Daku MOD Selinsgrove, PA ECP
Double Vision Gary Witty/ 4WD Bluegrass
Double Vision Prewitt LPS/LLSS Shelbyvillle, TN Mid South
Dr LZ Vern Zerby LPS Shamokin, PA ITTP
Dragline Express Scot Miller SF Spencerville, OH NTPA
Dream On Rod Deck DSS Winside, NE NTPA
Dream On Bryan Deck SF Winside, NE Outlaw
Dreamin Green Phil Jungwirth SF Farmington, MN NTPA
Dreckshage 1066 Perry Dreckshage Tim Messer St. Peters, MO Illinois State
Driller Vernon Zerby 2WD Memphis, TN
Dusk Till Dawn Monte McCoy 4WD Warsaw, OH Ohio State
Dust Devil Jerry Hansen MOD Manson, IA Outlaw
Dustex Cyclone Patrick Paul 4WD Canton, GA NTPA/Southern
Eagle Lite Greg Gress 7800 LPS Shippensburg, PA ITTP
Earl’s Dream
Earthshaker 2 LSS 4WD
Eatin Dollars & Blowin Smoke PS
Edge of Sundown
Elbow Deep Philip Parish SF
Empty Pockets Josh Sims 7800 LPS Lynchburg, VA DMP
Endangered Species Steve Strite PF ITTP
Endless Torment LPS Mid South
Entertainer I Travis Schullo LPS Cumberland, WI Wisconsin
Entertainer II Dan Schullo LSS Cumberland, WI Wisconsin
Evening Thunder 2WD
Excalibur Ken Snyder SF Mapleton, KS Outlaw
Extreme Demon
Extreme Duty USS 2WD
Extreme Pleasure Taylor VanBeek DSS Rock Valley, IA Outlaw
Extremely Armed & Dangerous LSS
Extremely Insane Larry Phillips Vine Grove,KY NTPA
Eye of the Tiger 4WD LPS
Eyewear Fatheadz
Family Affair Robert Saathoff Jr/Sr HF Easton, MD ECP
Family Affair LPS 4WD
Family Tradition Bryan Gerling Berger,MO Mid Missouri
Fantasy 4WD
Fare Game 4WD
Farmall Fever SF
Farmboy’s Obsession LPS
Farmer's Dream Connie Mullenix PS Unionville, MO Outlaw
Farmer's Dream Ernie Conner DSS Green City, MO Outlaw
Farmers Foreplay
Fast & Furious SF
Fast Break 4WD
Fast Forward Matt Smith 7800 LPS Chambersburg, PA ITTP
Fast Freight 2WD
Fast Lane USS
Fear the Fahn
Feedlot Special SF
Feelin' Lucky Marty Nies 2WD Berryville, AR Outlaw
Feissty Farmer Feiss MOD IN
Fence Row Fugitive Dye SS NTPA
Final Decision Henry Everman 2WD
Fire N Ice Ron Ehmen SF Syracuse, NE Outlaw
Fired Up Cody Lewis 4WD Macon, MO Outlaw
Firestorm Tommy Williams LPS Haymarket, VA ITTP
Flirtin with Deerezaster Smith LSS
Flirtin With Disaster Jeff Guza Taylor, WI NTPA
Flirtin' with Disaster Dennis Laing Sr 4PS Front Royal, VA DMP
Flirtin' With Disaster Nancy Perry 4WD Hertford, NC UPOC/NTPA
Flying Machine MOD
Fony Express Tim Robinson MOD Windsor, PA ECP
Fony Farmer Tim/Kourtney Robinson MOD Windsor, PA ECP/ITTP
Fony Too Keerstie Robinson MOD Windsor, PA ITTP
Foolish Farmer 4WD
Foolish Fun Shandy Turner HF Stanley, VA DMP
Foolish Habit Bob/Dean Simmons 4PS Quinton, VA DMP
Foolish Pleasure Daniel/Phillip Simmons 4MS Quinton, VA DMP
Fools Gold Harley Epp NE Nebraska Bush
Fools Gold SF PS
Footloose Forbeck 4WD
Footloose Rebecca Brizendine 4WD Millers Tavern, VA DMP/NTPA
Footloose Temple Brizendine 4WD Millers Tavern, VA DMP/NTPA
Forbeck SS
Forced Decision Henry Everman LPS
Ford 9600 Mark Smith 7800 LPS Shippensburg, PA ITTP
Forever Green Jarrod Hagena Hurley, SD Outlaw
Forever Red SF
Foster Child Foster 4WD Fairgrove, MI NTPA
Foxy Lady Charlie/ Ed Miller 4WD Creston, IA Outlaw
Free Ride John Carbaugh BB MINI ITTP
Freedom Steve Sterwald Waterloo, WI NTPA
Freedom 4WD Hertford, NC
Frequent Flyer MOD
Froggy PS SS
Frustrated Farmer Jeff Turner Jr. HF Earleville, MD ECP
Fuelish Pleasure LPS
Fuhr Pulling Fuhr MOD
Full Boar Jeff Mangle 4SB ITTP
Full Boar Farmer PS
Full Metal Jacket
Full Rut Novinger
Full Throttle Hugh Crittenden V8 MOD Chester, VA DMP
Full Throttle Lisa Tatum
Full Tilt USS
Fully Loaded 2WD USS
G Force LPS
Galot USS
Galot 2 PS SF
Galot 2 USS
Gang Green Gary Porter USS
Gang Green Gage Porter PS Mercer, MO Outlaw
Gang Green Gary Porter DSS Mercer, MO Outlaw
Gansemer Deere Bob Gansemer LSS
Gary McCauley Gary McCauley MOD
Gate Chaser Kevin Plamkmeier LPS Illinois State/Missouri
Gateway Deere Larry Steinman Marthasville, MO Mid Missouri
Geared Green PS
Geronimo William "Hank" Oester PS SEMI Salisbury, PA ECP
Get A Grip Greg Griffith Sr 4PS Culpeper, VA DMP
Get Er Dune Gerlach PS
Ghost Rider Bruce Baird TN
Giddy Up LPS MOD
Glen McMunn Glen McMunn IL
Glory Seeker II SF
Go-Fer Broke Travis Seylar BB MINI ITTP
Gold Digger Chris Larson LSS Eau Claire, WI NTPA
Gold Digger Dalton Hardy SF Cadott, WI Wisconsin
Gold Edition Corey Eberhart PF ITTP
Gold Rush Jason Rosenquist/Ron Tuma Atwater, MN Wisconsin
Goliath Yarick 4WD New Prague, MN
Gone Cody Yarick PS Rich Hill, MO Outlaw
Gone AWOL Kevin Abshire 4WD Inwood, WV ECP
Good News Connie Mullenix PS
Good Vibrations Jerry Boone 4WD Hutchinson, KS Outlaw
Gopher Outlaw LPS Unionville, MO
Gopher Ernie Conner PS Green City, MO Outlaw
Grand River Deere LPS
Grand River Deere Clem Schlueter LSS Triplett, MO Outlaw
Grand River Deere III Schuleter
Grandpa’s Dream LSS PPL
Grass Hopper Eddie Woodward 4MS Innwood, WV DMP
Green 6030 SF
Green Acres LSS
Green Acres Randy Dunklau LSS Arlington, NE Outlaw
Green Dream G Carson/ RJ Carson SF Marion, IA Outlaw
Green Envy Curtis Horn PF ITTP
Green Fever SF SF
Green Fever Too
Green Fiend PS
Green Gangster LPS LPS
Green Impact Darren Sutton Omaha, NE Nebraska Bush
Green Lightning PS/LSS
Green Machine
Green Machine Kenny Rippeon 7800 LPS Libertytown, MD DMP
Green Max Jimmy Williams LPS Haymarket, VA ITTP
Green Maxx LPS
Green Power Linnehan PS
Green With Envy Dennie Brown 2WD
Greenline Express PS
Greenline Express
Grey Ghost Tommy Cliborne 4SB Amelia, VA DMP
Griffith Ford F150 Dwayne Griffith 4OL DMP
Grim Reaper Logan Saylor LPS Jarrell, TX Outlaw
Ground Force LSS
Gueen of Hearts Reggie Hart 4OL Hanover, VA DMP
Guesswork Randy Payne SF
Gun Smoke Robert Zajicek 2WD Columbus, TX Outlaw
Gunpowder & Led LSS
Gunpowder & Led 4WD
Gunpowder & Led
Gutless General LPS
Guy 4255 Wayne Guy AF DMP
Hackstatt LPS
Haier Cockshutt Haier LSS
Hairdryer Gone Blown Roberts 2WD
Hammer Down Freeman SF
Hammer Down MOD 4WD
Hammer Time MOD
Hammerdown Eric Eberhart LPS ITTP
Hammerin Hank
Hangman SF
Hanks 4WD 4WD
Hard Luck Don Becker LPS NTPA
Hardcash Travis Hughes LPS Liberty, IN
Harlow Harvester E L Harlow SPF Orange, VA DMP
Hart’s Desire James A Hart LSS Franklin, IN
Hartman IH SF/LPS Hoosier
Harvesters Nightmare
Haulin Allis LPS
Haulin' Grass Tracy/Went Parker 4PS Walkerton, VA DMP
Hayley’s Comet LSS
Haymaker Gerry Young 4PS Fredericksburg, VA DMP
Haymaker PS
Haywire SF
Head Games Varns 2WD/SS
Headcase Steve Flint 7800 LPS Natural Bridge, VA DMP
Heartbeat Again Ohio State
Heartbeat Again Lynn Stumme 2WD Waverly, IA Outlaw
Heartbreaker MOD
Heartbreaker II
Heatwave Dave Billinger 4WD Tribune, KS Outlaw
Heavy Metal Drew Houser 4PS Kearneysville, VA DMP
Heifer Express SF
Hemi Hauler 2WD/4WD 4WD
Her Dirty Money Crystal Willson 2WD Prince Frederick MD  ECP, NTPA
Her Dirty Money
Here's Hopen Arthur/Jason Brommer MOD Mountville, PA/Columbia, PA ECP
Hers Hopen MOD
Hi Gear
Hi Gear Deere SF
Hi Gear Harvester Kendall Beasley LPS Clayton, NC UPOC/NTPA
Hi Maintenance Lance Fleming Turbo Lamont, IA NTPA
Hickory Hooker LPS
High Anxiety Tracy Nicholson PS Mason City, IA NTPA
High Compression LPS
High Cotton Jeff King HF Hurlock, MD ECP
High Cotton Seth Markey 2WD McAdoo, TX Outlaw
High Dollar Hooker MOD
High Dollar Hooker Albert Kendrick 4WD California, MO Outlaw
High Maintenance LPS
High Stakes Horsepower
High Steppin DSS 2WD
High Tech Redneck
Highland Special SF
Hillbilly Sharon Kendrick 4WD California, MO Outlaw
Hillbilly Deluxe Mark Rook HR SEMI Jeromesville, OH ECP, NTPA
Hillbilly Express PS
Hillbilly Hot Rod 2WD 2WD
Hillbilly Xpress Jim Brackett PS Richland, MO Outlaw
Hired Gun Donnie Reeve Jr 4WD Paloma, CA
Hitt or Miss Holdren 4PSD Beford, VA DMP
Hokie Harvester Chris/Ryan Lutman 7800 LPS DMP
Holy Terror ITTP
Hooked on Red Ron Belknap LPS Sidney, NY ITTP
Hooked Up 2WD SF
Hookin' Ain't Easy Adam Collier 7800 LPS Waverly, VA DMP
Hookin' Harvester Ricky Jones LSS Madison, MO Outlaw
Hoosier Avalanche LSS
Hooters Scooter
Hooterville Rat 4WD
Hoss LPS
Hot Damn Nancy Weller/Earl Howard MOD Taneytown, MD ECP
Hot N Nasty Terry Timmerman Dickeyville, WI NTPA
Hot Stuff Rich Cool DSS Henderson, IA Outlaw
Hot Wire LPS SF
Hubert 2WD 2WD
Humpin' to Please Kendall/Robert Brown 4PS Culpeper, VA DMP
Hurricane Allis Elvin/Todd/Travis Domann USS Winchester, KS Outlaw
Hurricane Deere Dan Hensley IN PPL
Husker Hooker NTPA
Hustler LSS
Hustler SF SF
Hustlin Harvester Josh Beachel PF ITTP
Hyper Harvester
IH 1066 Weber Weber LPS SF
IH 1466 Justin Grimsley HF Harrisonburg, VA DMP
IH 1466 Jason Bowers PF ITTP
IH Clemens Mike Clemens LSS Harris, MN NTPA
IH Express Siebert 2WD LPS
IH Langer Darren Langer 4WD
In 2 Deep Morgan Fleming Lamont, IA NTPA
In Sync 2WD NTPA
In the Way SF NTPA
Inches Matter 2WD
Indecent Exposure Eakins SS
Indian Hill Special Glen Frese LSS Watkins, IA Outlaw
Insanity LSS
Insanity LSS Vine Grove, KY
Instigator LPS
Instigator Bill Figanbaum SF Tripoli, IA Outlaw
Instigator Adam Shepherd 4PS Madison, VA DMP
Intense Expense Kelly 4WD Outlaw
Intense Headache LPS
International Addiction Hartmand IN
International Disaster Dodd LPS Mid South
International Threat Larry & Brandon Phillips
Internationally Known USS
Intimidator 4WD
Intimidator Matt Goodwin DSS Farnhamville, IA Outlaw
Iron Butterfly Lynda Ziegler 4WD  Bird-in-Hand, PA ECP
Iron Maiden Sue Johnson 7800 LPS Fannettsburg, PA ITTP
It's Always Somethin John Foreman PF ITTP
Its Only Money SS
Janke 1066 IH
JD Keith Haney LPS Athens, AL Mid South
JD 4020 Shawn Woodfolk HF Madison, VA DMP
JD 4050 Alan Lichte LSS Lexington, MO Outlaw
JD 4320 Brent Miller PF ITTP
JD4020 Jerrod Stephens PF ITTP
Jet Lag Dave Terkildsen PS/MOD
John Deere Aaron Shilling MOD
John Deere Green Robert Martin PS Chambersburg, PA  ECP
John Deere Green LPS
Johnny B Good Brad Lundell Koonce Kiron, IA Outlaw
Jolly Green Giant LSS Graham, MO PPL
JR Cody Haney LSS Welcome, NC
Judge Darrick Barga MOD Greenville, Ohio
Judge Arias Randy Urban 2WD Osceola, NE Outlaw
Juice 2 Brett/ Cody Behrends MOD Cortland, NE Outlaw
Juiced Cortney Robinson SF
Junk Yard Dog Sam Hassler 4SB ITTP
Junkyard Dog Langan 4WD LSS
Junkyard Dog II Schwartz LSS
Jus Rutt'n Kevin Schools 4WD St Stephens Church, VA DMP/NTPA
Just 4 Fun SF
Just A Case Marty Nelson SF Almena, WI Wisconsin
Just A Little Guy Richard Swanke
Just A Toy 4WD
Just Another Buck Coates DSS Badger State
Just Another One Roger Peterson DSS Litchfield, MN Outlaw/NTPA
Just Cruizin LSS
Just For Fun LSS
Just For Fun LPS LLSS
Just For Fun Tom Scheffler LSS Hancock, IA Outlaw
Just Getting Started Justin Hopkins 2WD IA
Just In Case Art Woolever LPS Montoursville, PA ITTP
Just Like Clockwork Marty Clock PPL
Just Lookin USS 4WD
Just Off Warranty Don Storohann USS Cedar Falls, IA Outlaw
Just Off Warranty II Don Storjohann USS Cedar Falls, IA Outlaw
Just Passin Thru Steve Elchinger 4WD Holgate, OH NTPA
Kamikazee Unleashed Tyler Greene 4WD
Kathy’s Komplaint Randy Petro MOD Camden, OH NTPA
Keeps On Tickin Bunnage
Kentucky Gambler Shingleton
Kentucky Sledhunter Ethan Moore LSS
Kessler John Deere Kurt Kessler
Kicking & Screaming Tom Kimmons 2WD Farmersville, TX Outlaw
Killin Time Troy Nails 4WD Hedgesville WV  ECP, DMP
King of Deeres Hoffman/Nathan Klemke
Knotty Boyz II Rodney Knott Coffey, MO Outlaw/Missouri State
Korb 1066 IH Travis Korb
Kryptonite 2WD
Kryptonite Drew Olden DSS Keedysville, MD ITTP
Lac A Control Williams SF
Lady Butterfly  John A Mann HR SEMI East Canton, OH ECP, NTPA
Last Call Randy Brann 4WD Warsaw, VA DMP/NTPA
Last Call Keith Backer USS
Last Call Randy Braun SS
Last Dog Kendall Klevgaard/Ryan Payne USS Mondovi, WI NTPA
Last One Standing
Last One Standing John/ Justin Hoffman USS Dunlap, IA Outlaw
Lawson 9600 Mark Lawson AF DMP
Lean Meat Machine Smith 4WD
Leather N Lace PS
Leer 6030 Casey Leer
Legacy Davis DSS
Legend USS/4WD
Lessons Learned Gettinger
Let It Ride Chappell 4WD
Let R’ Rip Replogle
Let's Go Doug Sobotka PS Diagonal, IA Outlaw
Light the Fire Dave/Scott Becker DSS Elizabethtown, PA ECP
Lights Out Billy Rice SPF Paces, VA DMP
Lil Green Giant Larry Hawthorne
Lil Insane Phillips PS
Lil Rascal Avery Nauman LLSS
Lil Screamer Kenneth Kay
Lil Stinker
Lil Stinker Rick Hauck LPS Winfield, PA ITTP
Lil Whip Nelson LPS 2WD
Lil Whip Don Nelson 2WD Cat Springs, TX Outlaw
Limestone Binder Ivan Hissong PF ITTP
Limited Edition Bousema PS
Limited Edition Levi Leizear PF ITTP
Linder Brothers Mike Linder PS
Lite My Fire Danny Dukes/Lance Little
Little American James Kendle MOD Hagerstown, MD ECP
Little Blue LSS
Little JD PS
Little Playmate 2WD
Little Rascal Coles LLSS
Little Temptation Haug SF LSS Mid South
Liv N A Dream Hunt MOD DSS
Live Action John Waggoner
Livewire 4WD Nebraska Bush
Livin' on the Edge Carl Ankiewicz PSD Mountain Top, PA ECP
Living On A Prayer Jeff Jenkins 4PS Winchester, VA DMP
Lock N’ Load LPS DSS
Locked N’ Loaded Mid South
Lofty Acres Dairy Mike Draxler Glenwood City, Wi Wisconsin
Logan’s Run
Lone Wolf 2WD
Long Machine USS
Long Shot Rob Wise BB MINI ITTP
Lookin' For Dirt Jamie Wright 4OL Culpeper, VA DMP
Loose Cannon PS
Lotta Dirt Justin Gallion
LSS Case IH Robert Jones Pleasant Hill, IL NTPA
Lucky Stryke Writsel 2WD 2WD
Lumberjack Jeff Bartley Saulda, SC NTPA
Lynch Mob MOD
MAC Daddy LPS SF Beloit, OH
MAC Nasty Conny PS Beloit, OH Illinois State
Machine Shed Rocket Wayne Tedder IL NTPA
Magic Touch John/William Foley MOD ITTP
Magnum Force SF
Magnum Force Dennis Goodwin USS Farnhamville, IA Outlaw
Magnum Force Dennis Goodwin DSS Farnhamville, IA Outlaw
Magnum Thunder Wayne Purser 2WD Norman, OK Outlaw
Markwart (Deere) Keith Markwart NTPA
Maroon Chevy Driver 4PS DMP
Martin IH Bob Martin
MAV TV Long 2WD Glasgow, KY
MAV TV Long SF MOD Glasgow, KY
Maximum Overdrive Mac Darnell 2WD Cynthiana, KY
Mean Farmer Novak Illinois State
Mean Farmer Ruwe MOD
Mechanical Bull Thurman Munford Sr SPF Zuni, VA DMP
Mechanic's Special Tom Cwach 2WD Yankton, SD Outlaw
Meet Keith Black Kent Urban Shawn Meier Nebraska Bush
Meredith’s Agitator MOD
Meredith's Agitator Howard Meredith LPS Wye Mills, MD ITTP
Mex-i-can Sonny Martinez MOD Albuquerque, NM Outlaw
MF 1150 Paul Richardson HF Pylesville, MD ECP
Midlife Crisis DSS
Midlife Crisis 2WD LSS
Midlife Crisis Barnhart 4PS DMP
Midnight Gambler 2WD
Midnight Game Dale Nelson Altamont, IL NTPA
Midnight Harvester Schearer
Midnight Mistress Ulmer 2WD LSS
Midnight Mistress Allen Ulmer LSS Menno, SD Outlaw
Midnight Raider LPS 4WD
Midnight Revenger Jared Nelson
Midnight Screamer MO
Mighty Mouse Nebraska Bushs
Mighty Mouse Mark Miller LPS ITTP
Milkhouse Express Bill Cattlett SPF Spotsylvania, VA DMP
Miller Time Mark Miller LPS NTPA
Mis Fit Money Pit Jeremy Hansen MOD ITTP
Mischief Maker 2WD
Misfit Mafia 2WD
Miss B' Havin' Rose Jenkins 4PS Winchester, VA DMP
Missouri Gambler
Missouri Gambler Bill Oberste 2WD Harrisonville, MO Outlaw
MMG 1000 Hull PS/USS Wappun, WI
Money Hog Aaron Smothers 4WD Goshen, VA DMP/NTPA
Money Pit LSS MOD East
Monkey Mayhem
Moolah Taker Lee LPS
Moolight Harvester Thomas/Jacob Riner HF Charlestown, WV DMP
Moonshiner Richard Copsey PS
Moonshiner Richard Copsey 7800 LPS DMP
Moore Agitation Tara Moore PS Boonsboro, MD ECP
Mopar Magic Too Derek Dice 4SB ITTP
Mountain Manic Ryan Varner 4SB ITTP
Mountain Mule Dennis Grove 4WD Harpers Ferry, WV ECP
Mountaineer Lawrence McElroy HR SEMI Bruceton Mills, WV ECP, NTPA
Movin Dirt Walters 2WD SF
Movin Iron Kenny Frymoyer PF ITTP
Movin N Groovin Don Finney Bell
Movin On Craig Janke 9505 LPS Pilger, NE Outlaw
Mr Chevy Dan Savage 4WD Lancaster, PA ECP
Mr. Allis
Mr. Bone Reloaded
Mr. Gang Green SF
Mr. Mac Daddy PS
Mr. Twister Kenneth Witt MOD
Mr. Yuk LSS Houston, MN
MX 170 LPS
MXM 190 Chris Gieseker Martinsburg, MO Mid Missouri
My Last Excuse Whelan SF NTPA
My Second To Last Penny Shawn Adolini BB MINI ITTP
My Udder Truck 4WD
Nameless 4WD PS
Nasty Habit David O’Conner HSS Blooming Prairie, MN NTPA/Ohio State
Natural High Russell Bolser Liberty, IN NTPA
Naturally Red Chris Neisen
Neisen Jeremy Nelson LPS
Nelson LPS/MOD Illinois State
Never A Nuff Brian Stroud Midland, OH NTPA/Illinois State
Never Enough Howard Dean SF Hollywood, AL
Never Enough Fred Hoch 7700 LLT Shippensburg, PA
Never Enough Paul VandeNoord SF Pella, IA Outlaw
Never Giving Up Ladwig PS
Never Satisfied Jason McKenzie MOD Thomasville, PA ECP
Never Satisfied Matthew Bartz SF McIntosh, MN NTPA
Never Satisfield 2WD NTPA
Never Say Never SF Weber
Never Say Never
New Generation Harvester PS
New Generation Plus
New Holland T8020 Zach Howell Greentown, IN NTPA
New Holland TM130 Shane Scott 7800 LPS Chambersburg, PA DMP
New Sensation Justin Gallion 2WD Edmund, OK Outlaw
Night Rambler LSS
Night Rider 4WD
Nitroholic SF 2WD
No Excuses T.W.O Mike Golda NE
No Fear Deere PS Monroe, WI Nebraska Bush
No Fear Deere Forever LPS Monroe, WI NTPA
No Green No Glory
No Green, No Glory Joe Morinondo 9500 LPS Mt Vernon, MO Outlaw
No Mercy SF SF
No Mercy Leon Hellebusch 9506 LPS Marthasville, MO Outlaw
Non Cents Don Healey MOD Winchester, VA ITTP
North American Joseph Fintak LPS North Collins, NY NTPA
North Prairie Deere LPS
NOT  A  V8 Buster Adams PS SEMI Thurmont, MD ECP
Nothin But Red Jeremy Belknap PF ITTP
Nothing Special Kendall Houk Lynchburg, OH NTPA
Notorious Scott Wiens 2WD Beatrice, NE Outlaw
Nut Case Kris Hoyt DSS Shickshinny, PA ECP
Nut Case 2WD PS
Nuthin Easty About It
Ol Blue Andy Wingfield 4SB Appomattox, VA DMP
Ol' Rusty Red Leonard Stallings 4SB Hetford, NC DMP
Ol Woody DSS
Old Blue Bobby Shipe PF ITTP
Old Grandma Todd Tanner SPF DMP
Old Rags
Old Red Matt Hauck PF ITTP
Old Reliable MOD
Old Reliable Tom Kennedy MOD ITTP
Old School Bo Eilenstine PS Lebanon, MO Outlaw
Old Skool Forrester
Old Skool PS
Old Skool Rodney Schoettel 4WD
Old Smokey Mike Runkle 7800 LPS Beuna Vista, VA DMP
Old Yeller Coomer
Ole Black Magic LPS MO
Ole Blue Marvin Jolliff Mid South/Nebraska Bush
Ole Fred 2WD
Ole Goat Jerry Smith Jr 4PS Madison, VA DMP
On The Edge SF
On The Edge Russel Nichols 2WD NTPA
One Bad Apple PS SF
One Bad Bowtie Chris Eutzy 4SB ITTP
One Moore Deere Davey Moore PS Boonsboro, MD ECP
One More Time David Garrett 4WD Gates County, NC UPOC/DMP
One Piece at a Time Howard Cleaver 4MS Berryville, VA DMP
One Potent Rodent
Operation Detonation
Opposum LPS
Other Half Matt Dersham 7800 LPS Millmont, PA ITTP
Other Woman SF
Out A Control 2WD
Out For Justice PS
Out of Time Hull/Jacob Ouhl USS
Outcast MOD Badger
Outcast Carl Palmer LPS Rohrersville, MD ITTP
Outlaw Bracken SF
Outlaw Cody Sayers MOD
Outlaw LPS
Outrage Holbrook SF TN
Outrage LLSS Outlaw
Outrage 4WD Outlaw
Outta Control  Kevin Armstrong PSD Burnsville, VA  ECP
Over New Management Ohio State
Overhauled Harvester PS
Overtime MOD
Overuled Randy Petro SS
P5 2WD
PA Ridge Runner Kevin Landis 2WD Friedens, PA ECP
PA Ridge Runner 4WD
Pack Rat IV Dennis Christensen Glencoe, MN Wisconsin/NTPA
Pack Rat V 2WD
Pack Rat VI 2WD
Pack Rat VII 2WD
Packer V-12 Darrin Rursch MOD Taylor Ridge, IL Outlaw
Packin' Heat Ray Norris HF California,MD ECP
Pale Rider
Pandamonium 2WD
Papa Bear 2WD
Papa Pete
Papa Smurf Jason Forrester LPS Chambersburg, PA ITTP
Papa’s Toy 2WD LPS
Pap's Blue Ribbon Adam Ritchie HF Harrisonburg, VA DMP
Part Time Hooker David Hall 4SB Warsaw, VA DMP
Parts City Auto Tony Tatum
Patriot SS
Pay Dirt SF
Perfect Storm SF
Pfeiffer Max Pfeiffer DSS
Philips GMC John Philips 4SB DMP
Pickin N Ginnin Archer SF
Pikesh Derryn Pikesh Connersville, IN NTPA
Pioneer MOD
Pitt Bull Stephen Wenger BB MINI ITTP
Playin' Possum Eric Smith 4PS DMP
Plaything 2WD
Plowboys Nightmare Dewey Kerr Jr MOD/SS PPL/NTPA
Plowboys Second Chance Ohio State
Plum Crazy 4WD
Policy Peddler MOD
Politician Bill Bales Lim SS Shumway, IL Illinois State
Poor Boy$ Mutt  Tim Carter HR SEMI Ruther Glen, VA ECP, NTPA
Poor Boys Dream Aaron Wieberg Martinsburg, MO Mid Missouri
Positive Ground
Power Hound Holman
Power Up SF
Predator 2WD MOD
Press On SF Kentucky
Pressure Time Dave Brian/Jeremy Greek PS SEMI Delta, PA ECP
Pre-Stressed Tim Hartig
Pretty Wicked SF
Pretty Wicked 2WD
Pride of the Farm
Profab Lisa Peterson 4WD Baldwin, WI NTPA
Profab Geared Up Larry Peterson 4WD Baldwin, WI NTPA
Profab Geared Up
Propain SF
Public Enemy Mark Andrews 4PSD Innwood, WV DMP
Pumpkin Gone Wild Ty Lautenslager PS Chambersburg, PA ECP
Punisher Peyton Davis 4WD Tappahanock, VA DMP/NTPA
Punisher 4WD
Pure Bred Red SF
Pure Country Dustin Zumbehl LPS Martinsburg, MO PPL
Pure Country LPS USS
Pure Pleasure Bryon Williams DSS Jolley, IA Outlaw
Rack Em Clark
Radial Reactor Len Brookhart MOD Bel Air, MD ECP
Radial Reactor Len Brookhart MOD ECP
Radical Red DSS
Ragin Ranger Perry 2WD 2WD
Ragin Ranger James Perry 2WD Comanche, TX Outlaw
Ragin Rat Dennis Zindars Outlaw/Illinois State
Ragin Red LPS
Ragin Red Ray Belack PF ITTP
Rags Donnie Reeve Jr 4WD Paloma, CA
Rags to Riches 4WD
Ram Rod II Rod Ewing 9509 LPS Clio, IA Outlaw
Rambunctious Carl Berhel Jr. 4WD Saylorsburg, PA ECP
Rampage PS
Rampage Rod Ewing PS Lineville, IA Outlaw
Ramrod Rod Ewing 4WD
Ramrod 2 LPS
Rapid Transit Bob Menges/Steve Clem PPL
Rare Breed Poore 4PSD Amelia, VA DMP
Rat Infested John Clark 4WD Scott Township PA ECP
Rat Poison Brian Diekman Genoa, OH NTPA
Rat Rod Roy Snyder BB MINI ITTP
Rat Trap LSS 4WD
Ratical MOD 4WD
Rawhide Express
Razz Ma Tazz
Ready to Run LLSS MOD
Ready To Run Dave Geiger MOD Allen, NE Outlaw
Reaper II Ethan Weston LPS
Rebel Outlaw Dan Gibbs/Kevin Grone Ohio
Recap This Chad Nesselrodt SPF Harrisonburg, VA DMP
Recap This Chad Nesselrodt PF ITTP
Red Addiction Travis Hinkle LPS Upper Tract, WV ITTP
Red Alert 2WD
Red Avenger SF LPS
Red Blooded Binder Phillip Kelly SF
Red Bull  Randy Bricker DSS Chambersburg, PA  ECP
Red Dog Dennison LLSS
Red Dog Special Andy Lewandowski Badger State
Red Dog Unleashed Conkelton
Red Edge Pro PS
Red Fever 4WD TN?
Red Fever II Art Forrest
Red Gambler SF/PS PS
Red Hill Rambler
Red Horse DSS
Red Hot 4WD
Red Hot Dean Christensen 4WD Cumberland, IA Outlaw
Red Hot & Rollin  Dana Lindsey HR SEMI Duncansville, PA ECP, NTPA
Red Ink USS
Red Ink Glen/ Louis Frese USS Watkins, IA Outlaw
Red Iron Davison LPS LPS
Red Light District Caleb Ogle LPS IL
Red Majesty
Red Mule SF
Red Power LSS
Red Power Express Kozucek LPS
Red Rags Sterling Boyers 4OL DMP
Red Rascal Willie Wiekamp SF Inwood, IA Outlaw
Red Resurrection Andy Schuldt SF Readyn, IA NTPA
Red Rider Dan Neimeyer SF Hardwick, MN NTPA
Red Ridge Binder Chris Strub Lansing, IA NTPA
Red Rock Darr
Red Rock SF
Red Rock Barry Haverhals SF Hawarden, IA Outlaw
Red Rooster Wilson SF
Red Royal DSS
Red Royal Kevin Schreier USS Lexington, MO Outlaw
Red Royal Kevin Schreier DSS Lexington, MO Outlaw
Red Rush LPS
Red Rushin PS
Red Scorpion LSS SF Mid South
Red Thunder Alan Norby Mondovi, WI Wisconsin
Red Zone LPS PS
Red Zone Bill Behrendt PS Ravenna, NE Outlaw
Redeemer McMillan
Redline PS 4WD Hoosier State
Redline Addiction Paul Schrock 7800 LPS Gladys, VA DMP
Redline Fever DSS
Redlined Harvester Ed Ammons PS Hagerstown, MD ECP
Redlined Harvester Outlaw
Redneck Rehab Timmy Simmons 4OL Millboro, VA DMP
Relentless Adam Stumpf
Renegade MOD 4WD Illinois State
Retired Warfare LPS
Ridin Dirty LPS 2WD Illinois State
Risky Business Timmy Varner 4WD Monterey, VA ECP
Risky Business 4WD MOs Badger State
Risky Business Joe Claypoole 4WD Macon, MO Outlaw
River Rat MOD
River Rat PS
River Rat Wayne Longnecker MOD Cambridge, IA Outlaw
Road Gear Plus PS
Road Runner MOD
Rock 4WD Canada
Rock Ted Skelton 4WD Harvard, IL NTPA
Rod Knocker Dale Rogier SF
Rogier LPS
Rollin Stone PS Illinois State
Rollin Thunder LPS
Rollin Thunder Kevin Utt LPS Kempton, PA ITTP
Rooster Cruzer Kent Payne MOD Veedersburg, IN Hoosier/NTPA
Rooster II DSS MOD
Rotten, Mean & Nasty Manny Ferry III Westport, MA NTPA
Route 66 LPS SF
Rowdy Red Dave Armstrong Wilmington, OH NTPA
Ruff N Ready MOD
Ruff N Ready Kevin Stouffer MOD ITTP
Rugrat Rampage
Rumor Has It 2WD SF
Rump Shaker 4WD
Run For Cover Michael Hodges Wadsworth, OH NTPA
Runnin Bare USS
Runnin Block 2WD
Runnin Buck Wild Schwenk
Runnin in the Red Baldwin LPS
Runnin in the Red Gallitz LPS
Runnin in the Red Roger Lierman
Runnin On Empty Jeff Paulson MOD Ogden, IA Outlaw
Runnin On Red Roger Liermann 9501 LPS Marthasville, MO Outlaw
Runnin Red Hot Gallitz/Wright SF
Runnin Red Warrior
Runnin Wild Craig Southard 4MS Culpeper, VA DMP
Running Bear Randy Davis MOD Tappahannock, VA ECP
Running Bear Steve Willson 2WD Prince Frederick MD  ECP, NTPA
Running Bear MOD
Running Dog Castro SF SF
Rut Cutter Steve Bailey PS Odessa, MO Outlaw
Ruthless Binder Ruth LPS Downing, MO
Rutt Cutter USS PS Nebraska Bush
Ruttin Deere Bob Gansemer Ryan Jensen
Ryno 2WD Osage, IA NTPA
Ryno SF Osage, IA NTPA
Salt Shaker Express SF NTPA
Sarye IH 1066 Brent Sarye AF DMP
Saturday Night Hooker
Sawmill Express LSS 2WD
Scavenger Guy Flock HR SEMI New Stanton, PA ECP, NTPA
Schofloede IH Holzhauser SF
Scrappy Doug Meissinger DSS Goodland, KS Outlaw
Screamin D Chuck Knapp Charles City, IA NTPA
Screamin Demon II Bricker DSS
Screamin Eagle Cases LPS
Screamin' Eagle Jeff Cohick 7800 LPS Orrstown, PA ITTP
Screamin Norwegian
Seal 9600 Bradley Seal AF DMP
Second Chances
Second Degree 2WD
Secret Weapon LPS 4WD
Secret Weapon Fred Blue 4WD Rolla, MO Outlaw
Seldom Seen Bunky Davis 4WD Tappahannock, VA DMP
Self Inflicted Dennis Folz Hopkinsville, KY Mid South
Semper Fi 2WD
Serious Business
Shade Tree Smoker A.J. Riedl
Shafted LPS 2WD Dubuque, I
Shagnasty Dennis Johnson Fairbury, NE PPL/NTPA
Shameless Mike Laribee HR SEMI Crestline, OH ECP, NTPA
Shel Shocked MOD
Shiftin Up 2WD
Shoot To Thrill LPS
Short Fuse Adams SS
Shotgun Red 2WD 4WD
Should A Said No
Show Case Lucas Criswell PF ITTP
Show Off 2WD 4WD
Showdown Randy Wendling 2WD Manchester, IA Outlaw
Showtime Timmerman SF
Showtime Jason Magaha 4MS Charles Town, WV DMP
Sick Addiction LSS Nebraska Bush
Sidewinder Durbin
Sill Green Dodge Joe Sill 4OL DMP
Silver Bullet Scott Gingerich 4WD Williamsburg, IA Outlaw
Silver Bullet Jordan Lustik USS Eighty Four, PA NTPA
Silver/Orange Chevy Colin White 4MS Berryville, VA DMP
Simon Sez Simon MOD Farley, IA
Simon Sez Dodge Roger Simon 2WD Farley, IA NTPA
Simon Sez Ford R.J. Simon Farley, IA NTPA
Simon Sez No Mercy Simon MOD Farley, IA NTPA
Simple Physics 2WD NTPA
Simply Red USS 4WD
Sin Wagon Heath Wilneau NTPA
Sivertsen Deere Sivertsten
Six Shooter SS
Six Shooter  Kevin Windsor SS Lothian, MD ECP
Skeeter Control Chris Mast PSD Oley, PA ECP
Slater Shaker Vern Huser MOD Ankeny, IA Outlaw
Sleeper Ram Poore 4PSD Amelia, VA DMP
Sleepless Nights LPS DSS
Sleepy Binder Henry Freuh Illniois State
Slow N Easy 2WD 4WD
Slowride Beanie Bransom MOD
Sly Slick & Wicked
Small Block Mafia Tommy Cliborne 4SB DMP
Smoke N Mirrors John Raymond/Ken McKillip NTPA
Smokeless 2WD
Smokeless Alternative Everett DSS/LSS Monrovia, IN
Smoker Carraway LSS Wabash, IN
Smokey 2WD Hoosier
Smokin' Guns Chrissy Martin 4PSD Farmville, VA DMP
Smokin Hot Deere Jeff Demers Storm Lake, IA NTPA
Smokin Hot Deere Jeff Demers USS Storm Lake, IA Outlaw
Smokin Hot Deere Jeff Demers DSS Storm Lake, IA Outlaw
Smokin Joe DSS
Smokin John
Smokin Red Flaherty
Smokin Red Ben Flaherty Jr 7800 LPS Hagerstown, MD ITTP
Smoking Up A Storm Walters DSS SF
Smply Red Rob Foster 4WD Fairgrove, MI NTPA
Sneaky Snake Albert Kendrick 4WD California, MO Outlaw
Sno Farmer Xtreme Feiss MOD IN
Sobotka Deere PS PPL
Someday SF SF
Someday Chad Weitzenkamp SF Hooper, NE Outlaw
Something Fierce Trevan Rohde PS
Soupline Express 4WD
Sours 4WD Wyatt Sours
Southern Belle DSS PS
Southern Comfort Eddie/Greg Griffith 4PS Culpeper, VA DMP
Southern Express
Southern Rage 2WD
Spanky’s Toy Roberts SF
Spankys Toy Brett/ Mark Roberts SF Scribner, NE Outlaw
Spare Time Goslar
Sparky MOD
Sparky Mark/Kyle Culbertson MOD ITTP
Special Delivery 2WD
Special Edition Bousema/Greer
Spidermite Brian Lauffer BB MINI ITTP
Spike Mattingly 2WD
Spike LSS
Spike 2WD
Spirit of Oliver Jeremy Yantes LPS Hamilton, OH Hoosier
Springdale Deere Arlyn Jensen David Spry Neola, IA Outlaw
Spry PS SF
Stampede Blaine Stamm NTPA
Stanley IH 1066 Ben Stanley AF DMP
Stealin Thunder Jared Steckler 4WD
Stealin Thunder Will Davidson 4WD Colerain, NC UPOC/NTPA
Steckler MOD
Steckler 2WD MOD
Steel City Shaker Robert and Colton Zundel 2WD New Alexandria, PA ECP
Steel City Shaker
Steve Flint LPS
Still Grumpy Steve Simmons 4OL Quinton, VA DMP
Still Shakin Hull 2WD LSS
Stimulus Package
Stomper Travis Eutzy 4SB ITTP
Stormer 4WD
Stormy LSS
Straight Forward Musil 2WD
Stray Dog 4WD
Stray Horse DSS
Stray Horse Randy Hinton DSS Bancroft, IA Outlaw
Stray Horse Gone Wild
Stress Test Mazur
Stress Test Guy Gochenour LPS Woodstock, VA ITTP
Stretch LPS
Stretch 4WD
Strickly Business
Stroker 4WD
Stroker Dustin Ridder 4WD Hermann, MO Outlaw
Stuckensneider IH
Sudden Impact MOD
Sudden Storm 2WD SS
Suffering From Insanity Jeff Suits
Suffering Sanity Bryan McDonald 2WD Kennedyville, MD  ECP
Suits 4WD LPS
Summertime Blues 2WD Illinois State
Summertime Blues  Ross Borger 4WD Kunkletown PA  ECP
Sundance Kid Danny Hubet LSS
Super 10 Spotanski MOD
Super 10 Tyler Spotanski LSS Cairo, NE Outlaw
Super Bee Keith Wayson Harwood, MD NTPA
Super Blue Forrester
Super Chevy 4WD
Super Hunky MOD
Super Natural  Jake Cramer 4WD Huntingtown, MD  ECP, NTPA
Super Red DSS
Super Red Billy Davis LPS Troy, PA ITTP
Super Rooster Kent Payne
Super Shaker Greg Starr BB MINI ITTP
Survivor Dave Rursch MOD Taylor Ridge, IL Outlaw
Sweet Pain MOD
Sweet Pain Craig/ Curt Ulmer MOD Menno, SD Outlaw
Sweet Thang MOD
Sweet Thang Allen Brown Sr 2WD UPOC
Swope Oliver 1850 Frank/Krysta Swope AF DMP
Swope White 2-110 Dwight Swope AF Churchville, VA DMP
Takes A Lickin Keeps On Tickin USS
Taking Care of Business
Talk To Me Danny Johnson 4WD Baxley, GA NTPA
Tapped Out SF
Tapped Out Tony Wortmann PS Montgomery City, MO Outlaw
Tasmanian Terror
Taz 4WD
Taz 2WD
Taz Toy Erv Clarke 2WD ECP/NTPA
Tazmanian Devil II
Tazmanian Terror II Wayne Tapscott II 4WD Bluemont, VA ECP, DMP
Teachers Pet SF SF
Teel’s Troublemaker Teel LPS
Temper Tantrum Tony Kosar 4WD Elkton, MD ECP
Tempermental Todd Nelson LSS Boelus, NE Outlaw
Tempermental Deere 4WD PPL
Tempermental Deere Darren Olden - Temper DSS ITTP
Temporary Insanity
Tenacious Kathy Jewel 4PS Kearneysville, VA DMP
Tennessee Red
Tennessee Stud SS 4WD
Tennessee Traveler
Tested Positive LPS
Texan 2WD
Texas 2 Step 2WD
Texas 2 Step Cassidy/ Cole Zajicek 2WD Columbus, TX Outlaw
Texas 2 Step Robert Zajicek 2WD Columbus, TX Outlaw
Texas Bull Whip Don Nelson MOD Cat Springs, TX Outlaw
Texas Bullwhip 2WD MOD
Texas Outlaw Sunsedrae Ross 2WD Outlaw
Texas Stampede
Texas Stampede Brian Nelson 2WD Rhome, TX Outlaw
Texas Whiplash PS MOD
That Darn Deere Robert Martin PS Chambersburg, PA  ECP
That Darn Deere MOD
The "SCRAPPER" William "Hank" Oester PS SEMI Salisbury, PA ECP
The Bad Jeff Ummel PS Reeds, MO Outlaw
The Contender  Bill Cramer 4WD Dunkirk, MD ECP, NTPA
The Dude Jeff Koerkenmeier PS Tipton, MO Mid Missouri/ITTP
The Gambler Kevin English V8 MOD Tappahannock, VA DMP
The Legacy Braden/ Brian Shramek DSS Williamsburg, MO Outlaw
The Legend John T Davis 4WD Tappahanock, VA DMP/NTPA
The Load Donald/Elliot Mongold 4MS Berryville, VA DMP
The Mean Farmer Dave Novak 9502 LPS Howells, NE Outlaw
The Mountaineer Deere Travis Heavner 7800 LPS DMP
The Nasty One Cory Snider LSS Cassville, WI Outlaw
The Next Thing Smokin Mike Ritchey PF ITTP
The Outcast Ernie Deel 4SB Millboro, VA DMP
The Patriot Thomas Bedgar DSS Glen Rock, PA ECP
The Peacemaker Chad Lamb 4PS Stanley, VA DMP
The Rocket Kevin Lynn Unity, WI Wisconsin
The Virginian Adam House PF ITTP
The Weapon Mark Ulmer LSS Menno, SD Outlaw
Thermal Thunder
Thermal Thunder Kyle Petsch MOD Milford, NE Outlaw
Think Green Josh Martin PS Chambersburg, PA  ECP
Think Green PS
Third Shift 4WD
Thole Deere Stephen Thole Kevin Thomas
Thomas LPS
Thor 2WD Illinois State Illinois State
Thumper 4WD
Thumper 2WD 2WD Illinois
Thumper LPS
Thumper Layne/ Murray Thornton 4WD Bedford, IA Outlaw
Thumper Tim Michalsky 2WD Lagrange, TX Outlaw
Thumper II SF MOD
Thumpin Punkin Jason Irvin NTPA
Thundeere LSS
Thunder Road Rigsby 2WD
Thunderclutch LPS
Thunderstruck Bluegrass
Thunderstruck 4WD OH Mid South
Thunderstruck 4WD 4WD not sure Busch
Ticked Pink 2WD
Tim Wiederholdt Deere 4255 PPL
Tinker Toy PS
Tinker Toy MOD
Tinker Toy Nelson Egolf MOD ITTP
To The Xtreme LPS
To The Xtreme R B Moler 4WD WV ATPA/NTPA
Tonka Kentuckian LSS NTPA
Too Hysrung Brice Terry USS Gallatin, MO Outlaw
Too HyStrung Brice Terry MOD Gallatin, MO NTPA
Too Ruthless Doug Ruth
Tool Times 2 MOD PS
Top Gun Darrin Weers LPS Diller, NE Nebraska Bush
Top Gun John Gerhold LPS Moweaqua, IL NTPA
Top Priority SF
Totally Geared 4WD
Totally Hooked 4WD
Totally Twisted Kevin Hodge 4OL DMP
Toxic Nick Morrison PF ITTP
Tradition Domann/Tom Noll
Trailblazer PS PPL
Traxx 2WD NTPA
Tremor LPS 2WD
Trial and Error NH Alan Letterman LPS Marshfield, MO Mid Missouri
Trinklein 1066 IH Trinklein LPS
Trinklein 1266 Trinklein DSS
Triple Bypass Collin& Jody Ross
Triple Bypass Marshall Watkins LPS ITTP
Trojan Horse Gajewski
Trouble 4WD
Troublemaker Dempsey
Troublemakin Binder Murray PS
True Grit Lance Little
Tuff E Nuff LSS MO
Tuff E Nuff LSS NY
Tuff E Nuff Kevin Stouffer MOD ITTP
Turbinator MOD
Turbinator Brett/ Cody Behrends MOD Firth, NE Outlaw
Turbo Up SF
Turbo Up John Platte SF Hubbard, IA Outlaw
Turbodacious LPS
Turtle Power Dale Thompson 4SB Millboro, VA DMP
Twisted Tight Roberts 2WD
Twisted Whip MOD
Twisted Whip Don Nelson MOD Cat Springs, TX Outlaw
Twister 2WD
Two Of A Kind Jerry/Jeremy Walker HR SEMI Danville, IL ECP, NTPA
Udder Obsession Audet
Ultimate Harvester Tim Ammons PS Hagerstown, MD ECP
Ultimate Muscle 4WD
Ultimate Weapon
Ultimate Weapon Corey Blue 4WD Rolla, MO Outlaw
Ultimate Weapon Fred Blue 4WD Rolla, MO Outlaw
Unaffordable MOD
Unaffordable Amber Blizzard MOD ITTP
Unbridled MOD
Uncle Sam Wayne Pursur PS OK
Under New Management SF NTPA
Under The Influence Allen Babelle Hilmar, CA NTPA
Under The Influence Fox MOD
Underrated II Derek Gyhra USS Pawnee, NE Nebraska Bush/Outlaw/Ohio State
Undertaker Pete Matt 4WD St Joseph, MO Outlaw
Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business Brian Nogle BB MINI ITTP
Unleashed Jimmy Moritz 4WD Hummelstown, PA ECP
Unleashed Weikel
Unleashed 4WD
Unleashed Jimmy Moritz 4WD Hershey, PA ECP, DMP
Unnatural Disaster Mason Hansen SF Honey Creek, IA Outlaw
Unstable 4WD MOD
Unstable Ian Erricker MOD ITTP
Untamed Spirit Terry Hagedorn 2WD
Untouchable Austin Boyer Union, MI NTPA
Up In Smoke Steve Beckley LPS ITTP
Vengeance Jeff Bressler MOD ITTP
Vengence MOD
Vess Ford F350 Reed Vess 4SB Millboro, VA DMP
Vi Agri King SF
Vintage Red Eric Gregory Buffalo, MN NTPA
Virginia Crow
Virginia Lightning Bill Good 4PS Luray, VA DMP
Virginian Adam House PF ITTP
Voo Doo Jason McCoy
Voo Doo Deere USS
Voodoo Deere Scott Holtgrew USS Atkinson, NE Outlaw
W Balderson IH 786 Wayne Balderson AF DMP
Wa$ted Wage$ Clayton Sours 4WD Craigsville, VA DMP
Walking Tall Mike Matthis HR SEMI Woodford, VA ECP, NTPA
Wampuscat Joe Wamble
Wampuscat PS
Wampuscat Rick Behrendt PS Ravenna, NE Outlaw
Wampuscat 2 DSS/LPS
War Hawk MOD
War Wagon MOD
War Wagon 4WD
Warpath PS
Warranty Denied Don Storjohann USS Cedar Falls, IA Outlaw
Warrior Tracks Sweet Revenge Bethany Nelson 2WD
Wasted Nights Brandon Budd
Watkins Marshall Watkins
Weapon LSS
Weekend Mistress Kurt Afdahl LPS Hammond, WI Wisconsin
Well Armed Ray Norris HF California, MD ECP
Well Spent McDonald LPS
Whale Tail SF PPL
What’s Neu SF
Wheat Fed PS
Whiskey Business Adam Diaz LPS Montrose, PA ITTP
Whiskey Wild PS
Whistlin Red Wastler
Whistlin Red Bradley Wastler 7800 LPS Middletown, MD ITTP
White Fahn DSS
White Fawn Jim Rand  DSS ITTP
White Horse LPS 4WD
White Horse Glen Dugan 4WD Shepherdstown, WV DMP
White Snake Campbell PS
Whitetail Properties Colton Whitworth USS Unionville, MO Outlaw
Whitted John Deere Roger Whitted
Wholly Terror
Wicked 4WD 2WD
Wicked Sensation PS
Wide Loose Deere
Wide Open 2WD
Wiker Welding 4WD
Wiker's Welding & Fabrication  James Wiker 4WD Holtwood, PA ECP
Wild and Blue Clarence "Buck" Tipton 2WD Union Bridge, MD ECP
Wild Buck LPS
Wild Card SF NY
Wild Child MOD Lapeer, MI
Wild Child Darren Kriz 4WD Tyndall, SD Outlaw
Wild Fire Erv Hake 2WD Columbus, NE Nebraska Bush
Wild Horse Steve Blagrave MOD Ackerly, TX
Wild One Terry Jostock MOD Lapeer, MI
Wild Times Kevin Jerew MOD
Will Daniel Will Daniel LPS Woodbury, TN Mid South/PPL
Williams MOD Zach Williams 2WD
Willy Makit Bobbie Barbee Springfield, TN NTPA
Win Lose or Draw Jeff Shafer SF Mt. Vernon, OH
Wind Walker 2WD 2WD
Wolverine Deere Tony Sietsma PS Allendale,MI
Work Horse Pro Rob Russell 2WD Prescott, IA NTPA
Xtreme Scheme Raymond Fintak/Keener North Collins, NY NTPA
XXX Yearin USS
Yearin LSS Ashland, Ohio
Yellow Fever McConnell PS AL
Yellow Fever 4WD LPS MO
Yellow Jacket Bobbie White 4PS South Mills, NC DMP
Yes Deere Mike Ferguson DSS Windom, MN Mid South
Young Blood Braden Shramek 2WD Williamsburg, MO NTPA
Young Blood Jason Gibson PS
Young Blood Braden/ Brian Shramek DSS Williamsburg, MO Outlaw
Young Buck Brad Moss SF Adairville, KY Kentucky
Young Buck Reloaded Eric Dorwin MOD Woodville, WI
Young Gun Peyton Davis 4WD Tappahanock, VA DMP/NTPA
Young MOD John Young/Mark Mangan IL
Z Bag 4WD Zumbrota, MN
Z Bag Edge Mark Mangan Zumbrota, MN
Z Mistress Jason Mellott LPS Shamokin, PA ITTP
Z Unit Vern Zerby LPS Shamokin, PA ITTP
Too Wet to Plow Brian Altvater PF ITTP
Tyler Gardner PF ITTP
Brandon Ewing PF ITTP
Brothers Dream Stanley Bonavita PF ITTP
Screamin Eagle Paul Hoch  DSS ITTP
Randy Bricker  DSS ITTP

Tips for Naming Your Puller

Still haven't found the perfect name your vehicle? No worries! Nicknaming your puller can be simple if you focus on the following tips!

  • Tough.  Nicknames should sound like something that you don’t want to mess with! Fierce names will scream “don’t mess this person!” and “you don't stand a chance bud!”  The Yankees won most of their games simply because of the pinstripes they put on.
  • Color. If your vehicle has a rockin’ color, use this as inspiration to finding the perfect nickname! Deep blacks, cherry reds, or bright colors out of the norm! Whatever color it is, inspiration can be found!
  • Recreational activities. Granted you don't have a puller for everyday activities with the exception of street truck classes; there’s always more to it! Whether you’re one who likes off-roading, mudding, boating, or even wrenching on other vehicles, this can be helpful when thinking of vehicle names!
  • Owner personality. Surely the puller is a reflection of the owner, right? So giving the truck a name that is suitable to your own personality or a family legacy that can deepen the bond you have with your vehicle, team, and also let others know a bit about you as well!

Own the Name

Once you have decided on the name, Get it stenciled, wrapped, painted, and tell the world!  Grab the IG name, Facebook name, and YouTube name if that is your thing.  Once you get your name, marinate in it.  And that is easy to do if it is completely one-off and unique like you!

Will Whitt

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Comments (1)

Tyler Underwood

on January 28, 2021 7:21 PM
Awesome list! I have another name to add to your list if you want too.
"Always Broke" owner/driver is Steve Underwood from Mt. Gilead, Ohio.

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