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Event promotion is the very foundation to the success of any event.  If you are creating an event, the first thing to do is form a team because you should not do it alone.  And if we have learned anything in life is that other people certainly have talents that we do not have.  The second thing to do is give us a call.  We have promoted hundreds of events roughly 3 dozen every year.  Why is that?  Our events are super successful.  We know the talent, the people you need and events.  And we know people, what they like, and what grabs their attention.  A traveler pulled over on the side of the road, took a picture of a billboard, and tagged us in it and thanked us.  Why, because great advertising makes you do things like that.  Great events with action, stories, and the human factor further solidify that event.

We have double, tripled, and far exceeded our clients' expectations time and again.  One client told us, "I don't know that I have ever seen perfection, but I would have to say you are close as we have ever seen."  Gladys Virginia VFD.  We have a system that works to scale with your budget.  If we add 1,000 fans, that is 10,000 at the gate plus + food + merchandise sales.  Our first question is what can you hold attendance-wise and secondly what is your budget?

  1. Facebook Event Create/Co-Host $50.  This is the easiest way to get your event out there.  It goes out to our network of 500,000 fans.   It includes a custom Facebook formatted Flyer, personal invites to the talent, their crew, family, friends.

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  2. Traditional Print Flyers $100/$50 re-designs.  There will always be someone adverse to social media.  So how do you reach them?  The same way people have be doing so for thousands of years.  An announcement in a visible place like the most attended places near your event (gas stations, banks, equipment supply places).  Get to know the who's who in your area.  These are potential sponsors as well.  We can print and ship or we can print to local print shops near clients for pickup.  Here are a few of our posters we've done over the years:

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  3. Facebook Advertising. $100+  We recommend a call for this one or use the form at the bottom.  Every $100 reaches 7,000 people on Facebook in whatever geographic area you target.  But we use the correct tags, likes, and keywords to find the most amount of people willing to attend events.  We are entrusted with 10's of thousands of dollars a year.  We know how to target prospective fans and return fans.
  4. Book us to film/photo an event. $200/event.  Fans and Talent like hearing we will be attending events because we use the latest technology to capture the action of the events.  And it goes out to a large audience to be enjoyed again and again and again.  We do request a $100 deposit for booking your event.  We consider and event to be the number of days or sessions you will be having at your event.  As always call us so we can work something out. 
  5. Sponsor videos using local event sponsors $100/event. We have several sponsors that help us keep on rolling.  We don't mind using them.  But we love helping events and their sponsors and bring in more potential sponsors and keep the ones that they do have happy with their investment in your event.  Banners can be hung for the people in attendance, but what about the millions of people around the world that watch after the fact?  We take high resolution logos and place them in the upper left corner of our videos and rotate them every several minutes.  We also create custom logos for businesses that do not have readily available high quality logos.

  6. Commercials. $100. This is one of the seldom used items in our offering.  We feel a preview of the days events are an easy draw to future events.  These tend to get several thousand eyes on typically in a week.  We recommend this about a month out.  We have been featured on TV channels and many internet outlets.  And our reach is 2 million plus viewers per month.

  7. Banners/Billboards.  Call.  Our work has been hung on tractor trailers, placed on billboards, digital billboards, you name it.  Do you have a good signage location you always tend to look at?  Get your event on that billboard.  If you know of land owners who would be willing to work with us, definitely give us a call.

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