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 Sponsorship is good for one calendar year.  It includes: 1) Your logo on the website footer and 2) Your logo in calendars on every month.  Plus, you will receive one calendar of your choice.  Please select the calendar of your choice below.  If you have a favorite vehicle or one that you help sponsor, let us know that in the notes field as well.  This sponsorship is $250.00.  We have many different classes such as Tractors, Trucks, Modifieds, and Monster Trucks for Dragon Motorsports, Interstate Truck and Tractor Pullers, and NTPA.  These items will be sold in person at banquets and on numerous videos viewed millions of times per month on Facebook and YouTube.

To see older calendars and ad placement, click here.  We are moving to a multiple-sponsor banner at the bottom of every month like we have done for the Super Pro Farm calendars.

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Tell us about your business? Your Location? Why are we a good fit for you? What is your website? Do you need one? Do you have a logo? Do you need a logo? Do you have a Facebook Page? Do you need us to set one up for you? If you want additional calendars, let us know that as well. We even offer Custom Team and Customer calendars if you are a team or a business that has customers that pull, this is a tremendous option to sell, and recruit sponsorship for teams.
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