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Sponsoring videos is an easy way to help us out!  It costs approximately $5 per hook for class videos.  Sponsoring gets your logos on the videos and link to your website or Facebook page.  We can also provide watchers with your phone number and email as well.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to text/call me at 703-626-4131.

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Single event classes are $5 per hook. A typical 10-minute video would be 50.00. We round to the nearest 5 minutes. Most videos get 1000 plus views their first week.
If you are wanting to sponsor a segment, just tell us about your business to see whether there is a good fit for you. We won't take your money if the audience isn't designed to grow your particular business. If you chose other in the drop downs above, tell us what you are thinking.
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