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Hero cards have a simple job to do: They say here I am and all the people that helped me get here.  This is a great way to attract sponsors, keep sponsors, and grow the sport for years to come.  Cards come with a $100 design minimum!  Due to supply demands, the actual printing is quoted at the time it is sent to the printers.  Call 703-626-4131 to get started or Use the form below.

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Enter Your Phone Number
* Card Direction
Select the way you view it when holding the card.
* Card Size
A quote will be provided at the time of the quote. All cards come with WWPTV Design Logo in the corner on the back. Photographer's logo (pictures purchased separately) can be included as well if desired/negotiated. That is between you the client and the photographer.
* Vehicle Name
What is the name of this vehicle
* Line 1 Family
List desired family members (examples: FName (wife), FName (kids), FName (grandkids))
* Line 2 Vehicle Year Make Model
Describe the vehicle.
Line 3 Engine
Describe the engine.
Line 4 Horsepower ~
Describe the horsepower (example: 950+). I wouldn't oversell it. Just helps fans know what kind of power they are watching.
Line 5 Pulling Experience
Describe your experience (example: 25 Years +).
Line 6 Accolades
Describe your accolades (examples: 2016 Keystone Nationals Mod 4x4 Champion, ATPA Grand National Champion 2003-2005).
Line 7 Crew
Who works on the vehicle with you.
* Line 8 Occupation
What do you do for a living (examples: Crime Fighting Super Hero, Beef Cattle Farmer, Hay and Silage)
Sponsors if any
Include links to logos if available
* Photos
Copy/Paste links to your favorite Will Whitt Productions photo or describe them. Feel free to use images from other photographers. You will need to purchase rights to use photos from them. We will not use any photo that has not been verified with the owner of given photograph. If you link a photo that is not ours, we will put the photographer of the picture in touch with you.
1 + 2 = Answering helps keep robots out.


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