You Hooked What to the Pulling Sled and It's Inspiration

March 8, 2019

It was a night I could never forget. I kept replaying this clip of a station wagon in my head over and over again. I couldn't sleep which isn't abnormal for me. But on this night, I thought I am going to make this video.

I remember filming this clip the first full year I was filming. And I had broken down all my gear and packed up. Now, it is not uncommon for 4-wheelers to go racing down the pull track or trucks dirt dragging after events. But they are mostly uneventful to say the least. Just kids goofing off. But, when I saw the station wagon hook up to the sled I grabbed my nearest camera and pressed record.

Several other moments stood out in my mind like a huge Volvo dump truck, or a Deuce and a Half with was really 5 Ton Military truck, and a Cat powered truck which was really a deuce and a half. I got more comments about what was wrong with the video than was right. The biggest moment seemed to be for many people the Riley Saunders hook to the sled. Now we who know pulling sleds know that when the front wheels are deployed, the sled is moving under its own power, which was the case with his hook to the sled. The thing I inform people is that chain is heavy and Riley had no slack in the chain which was way more impressive at least to me.

A lot of comments went like this, "This is completely unsafe.", "He could have killed himself trying to do this."  I have seen Jason Schultz take a child down the pulling track on his tractor.  I have seen all kinds of amazing things to know that when moments like this come along, you take time to make someone's day.  It isn't like we do this same thing at every event.  And with a very watchful staff, things like this can be done with ease.  And with most pulls benefiting the community, isn't that what we are all about?

Now that the video has cooled down a bit, I want to thank fans for it's impact.  We picked up 2 million views in a month.  Compared to 4 million views over 5 years.  We picked up 4,500 subscribers, which we had 8,500 at the release of the video.  My only hope with going viral and having spikes is that more people get introduced to the sport and come out to events.

If you ever have an idea or theme for a video let us know down below.

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