Diesel and Alcohol Truck Pull at the Exact Moment

March 7, 2019

This one doesn't happen that often for me. I film two tracks only 3 or 4 times a year. Not a big deal, but nothing has ever crossed the SD Cards like this scene from Benson North Carolina in June of 2018.

I would never tell my National Modified 4x4 guys that my priority was another class, NEVER!  But on this night, I had never filmed the Super Stock Diesel 4x4 class, so this needed to be recorded.  I setup a second camcorder and figured I could at least get both tracks in view if something were to happen.  And just as I suspected it did.  Justin Gearhart and Cream of the Crop hooked up to the Purple Ironman.  Tony Everett and Doerunner hooked up to the Orange Ironman.  Both the Cream of the Crop Diesel 4x4 and Doerunner Alcohol 4x4 launched at the exact same moment.  I was more focused on Cream of the Crop and pulled the zoom back just as Doerunner entered the view finder.  It was awesome to hear and feel.  Power came through the dirt and sent chills all over me.  It was a rush I hadn't felt in a good while.

Justin Gearhart and Cream of the Crop won the Super Stock Diesel class going 299.660.  With only 5 diesel trucks on the night, there wouldn't have been enough time for a sled reset for Don Bowling and Pulling for the Cure, the first puller, to get cooled down.  Tony Everett and Doerunner finished 13th going 316.450 in the National Modified 4x4 class.

How many times have you seen two vehicles hook at the exact same moment?  Is is hard to watch both or can you multitask?


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