Mega Pulling Trucks

December 10, 2022

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A mega truck is a large off-road vehicle that is typically used for heavy construction work or in off-road competitions. These trucks are usually much larger and more powerful than standard pickup trucks, and they are designed to be able to navigate rough terrain and carry heavy loads. Some examples of mega trucks include the Hummer H1, the Ford F-350 Super Duty, and the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD.

At truck pulls, mega trucks are used to pull a heavy sled along a track. These trucks are specially built for the task, with powerful engines and reinforced frames that can handle the strain of pulling a heavy load. The goal of the competition is for the truck to pull the sled as far as possible, and the driver has to carefully balance speed and power to get the best performance. The mega trucks that compete at truck pulls are often customized with high-performance engines, special tires, and other modifications that help them generate the maximum amount of pulling power.

STS Swamper tires are a type of off-road tire that is often used on mega trucks. These tires are known for their extreme durability and their ability to grip the ground in a variety of terrains, which makes them well-suited for the demanding conditions that mega trucks encounter. In addition to their performance, STS Swamper tires are also known for their distinctive appearance, with large, aggressive treads and a rugged design that helps them stand out from other off-road tires. Because of their durability and performance, STS Swamper tires are a popular choice for mega trucks that are used for heavy construction work or for off-road racing.

Davis Offroad is just one of the companies that build these mega trucks. Davis Offroad is located in Richmond, Virginia, and specializes in building and customizing mega trucks. The company was founded by John Davis, a passionate off-road enthusiast who has been involved in the industry for many years. At Davis Offroad, John and his team are known for their expertise in building and modifying mega trucks, and they have worked on a wide range of vehicles for both personal and commercial clients. In addition to building mega trucks, Davis Offroad also offers a range of services, including custom fabrication, suspension work, and engine upgrades. The company is highly regarded in the off-road community for its attention to detail and its commitment to building the best mega trucks possible.

Dragon Motorsports Pulling League is a national organization that hosts truck-pulling competitions across the United States. These competitions feature a variety of different classes of vehicles, including mega trucks. In a truck-pulling competition, a heavy sled is attached to the back of the truck, and the goal is for the truck to pull the sled as far as possible. The Dragon Motorsports Pulling League includes mega trucks in their events, and these trucks are often some of the most impressive and powerful vehicles on the track. The league holds competitions throughout the year at various locations, and they are well-known for the high quality of their events and the exciting action that they provide for fans.

Tony Cannon and his truck he calls Sinister Six.

When a video goes viral, it means that it has become very popular and has been shared widely on the internet. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as if the video is particularly funny, informative, or emotionally powerful. When a video goes viral, it often spreads quickly through social media and other online platforms, and it can reach a large audience in a short period of time. WWPTV Video published a video of the above Ford with Six doors called Sinister Six and its Pulling Sled debut video that garnered over 19 Million views on both Facebook and YouTube. The truck of Tony Cannon was built after a truck called, "The Truck that Broke the Internet" went viral with over 3 Million views. Sinister Six and the other trucks in that video by comparison blew past that mud bog video in terms of views. Sinister Six only came out for a few events to pull the sled. We were honored to have captured the truck.

Butch Self and his 1971 Ford F100 Explorer

When a video goes viral, it often spreads quickly through social media and other online platforms, and it can reach a large audience in a short period of time. WWPTV first went viral when Butch Self and his truck received 35K shares on Facebook from Thunder in Orange Virginia. This video allowed me to start focusing on pulling full-time. I still had to have another full-time job, so I just worked equally hard on the sport of tractor and truck pulling.

Brian Self and Blown to Pieces at Millers Tavern

This all happened when several mud trucks came to Temple Brizendine of Dragon Motorsports and asked if they could hook to the sled. Temple said sure. No one was prepared for the applause from the fans. In my years of filming, no class gets as much praise. Phones start coming out of pockets to film them, it is much like a concert. I have spoken to other pullers, and the sentiment is the same. They love the fanfare they bring to events. And promoters love them because the pullers don't care if fans come up and take pictures next to them and ask the drivers questions about their trucks.

All I can say is they are here to stay. Fans, if you want to watch these trucks in person, stay tuned tuned to WWPTV events on Facebook and follow Dragon Motorsports on


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