Will You Be Watching the Pulling This Weekend? ????

April 22, 2022

After 2 year break, pulling comes back to Füchtorf, Germany. Watch it Live!

This weekend, the European tractor pulling scene starts into its new season. After a 2 years break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the tractor pulling circus will be held in Füchtorf, Germany again. Füchtorf also marks the season opener for the German Championship and the Euro Cup 2022. Like at the last edition of the tractor pull in 2019, it will be a 2-day pulling event, with Garden Pulling, Farm Pulling, and Tractor Pulling. The event in the Füchtorf Pulling Arena starts on Saturday, the 23rd of April at 11 am CET. On the schedule are the Garden Pullers with 4 different classes, the 500kg stock class, the 600kg compact diesel class, and the 500kg and 600kg modified class. After the Garden Pulling follows the larger classes in the afternoon with the 3.5t sport class, the 3.5t limited modified class, and the 4.5t sport class. The Saturday will then be rounded off with the 3.5t modified class and the 3.5t pro stock class, included with guest pullers from the Netherlands.

Sunday, the 24th of April 2022 is the main pulling day of the weekend. The competition starts at 11 am CET with the largest class of the weekend, the 3.6t super sport division. After that class follows the 2.5t light modified class and the 3.5t limited super stock class with guests from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. The highlight will be the penultimate class of the weekend, the Euro Cup of the 4t heavy modified division with Europe's most powerful tractors. The last and final class of the day will be the 3.5t super stock class with guest pullers from Denmark and the Netherlands.

On their own organized pull, the Green Monster Pulling Team will also reveal the new look of their overhauled transport trailer for their Allison V1710-powered modified tractors called ''Green Monster Stage 4'', ''Green Monster 5 Mitas Edition'' and ''Green Fighter''.

By the note, for people which have not the time to come to the 2-day event or live somewhere across the pond, the tractor pull from the Füchtorf Pulling Arena will also be live-streamed on WWPTV+.

For the live stream, check here: www.wwptv.plus

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Horsepower and Harmony in Millers Tavern , Virginia. Watch it Live!

This sweet-sounding event will feature the following classes, 6200 National FWD, Super Modified TWD Trucks, National Sportsman FWD, 6400 Pro Stock FWD, 6200 Small Block, 5000 V8 Swapped Economy Modified Tractors.

This is the first points event at the home of Dragon Motorsports for the 2022 campaign.  Grand National pullers will be battling it out for local pride before traveling a Grand National season and representing Virginia on the larger stages of pulling throughout the summer.  

Two Wheel Drive trucks return to Millers Tavern.  This should be a 6 pull series addition that will be added to the 2022 season.  Select events and longer-time Dragon events will hold the other sessions for these local but nationally known drivers and trucks to compete.  Good luck pullers!

By the note, for people which have not the time to come to this event or live somewhere else in the world, the tractor pull from the Millers Tavern, Virginia will also be live-streamed on WWPTV+.

For the live stream, check here: www.wwptv.plus

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