3000LB 2WD Light Trucks 4 Cylinder



  1. Class must be Four cylinders only, No crankshaft and rod modifications, factory OEM ONLY)
  2. Engine must be in factory location
  3. Carburetor limited to two barrels, EFI must be factory OEM     
  4. Must have factory intake or aftermarket replacement intake that fits factory OEM head only.  No custom fabricated intakes allowed
  5. Factory head only, may be modified internally ,
  6. Aftermarket camshaft allowed
  7. Block must be OEM, Boring allowed
  8. Exhaust may be altered
  9. Must run pump fuel only, No nitrous/propane  No Alcohol


  1. Factory OEM 2wd only (No 4X4 trans/transfer case)
  2. Must have explosion Proof Blanket Shield with reinforced floor using a mininmum of 1/8" Steel .


  1. Factory OEM only
  2. May change differential, (must be ½ ton mounted with springs (Portable blocking allowed. (NO 1 ton or larger differentials)
  3.  Drive Shaft Loops Required, 1/4" Think  ,6" width placed in front and rear that covers U joints ,1" width in center. May be constructed with 1/4" Steel or 3/8" aluminum.
  4.  3000lb weight limit including driver


  1. Maximum height, 20 inches and not to exceed height of factory OEM bumper hitch point
  2. Bumper bars required to eliminate contact from sled
  3. Must have 1 3/4” minimum hole


  1. DOT/Bar tread only, not to exceed 26” height, no width limitation 
  2. Chevron puller tires not allowed (cepek, pitbull etc.)


  1. Drivers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by parent/guardian in vehicle at all times in pit, weigh in and staging.
  2.  Child may drive onto track and back to sled with parent along side of vehicle until sled is safely hooked to vehicle
  3. Parent/guardian must drive vehicle off track after child has completed pull
  4. Helmet, seat belts required for all drivers
  5. Working kill switch on all vehicles
  6. Fire extinguisher required on all vehicles, easily accessible
  7. Fuel tanks/cells must be secured to vehicle
  8. Vehicles must be operated in safe manner at all times

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