Wild Rides, Wrecks, and Fires Season 2021

February 21, 2022
"We build it, we pull it, we break it, repeat!" I have heard that many times at events across the nation. Pullers love putting on a show for the fans, their hometown crowd, and total strangers.

These events have happened. It is over. It is done. Many of these vehicles are ready to go and compete again for the 2022 season. One puller once told me "I will never watch these videos!" Other pullers have told me, "They love watching them. It's a part of the game and lets them know there are others dealing with the same things they do...finding more."  Finding more pushes the limits to horsepower, frame rigidity, and the welding skills of the finest men and women the county over.  Another puller once told me, "I know something is bugging my vehicle. The break shows me exactly what I couldn't identify previously."

The machines are amazing for their own ingenuity, their outlandish paint schemes, and wraps, their one-off builds. These machines have their own followings and the drivers have the personalities to match the vehicles. 

Of the near 5,000 hooks, these 70 hooks or so are roughly 1.4%. I know I left some hooks out but these are the ones that jumped out at me. And I really didn't want to nit-pick or pick on any one individual too much.

Rest assured many of these pullers have told me they can't wait to perform again and we hope to be there for their many successes as well. 

"Build it, Pull it, Break it, Repeat!" Video below.

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