Bigfoot #5 Sled Pull

March 4, 2019

Legendary BIGFOOT driver Jim Kramer has done just about everything imaginable with monster trucks, but one of his most unique stunts was to do the "tire walk" on the massive BIGFOOT #5! Jim would start in the cab, let the truck idle in gear, get out, drop to the ground, ride the tire back up to the top, walk around the entire body and then get back in the cab and drive away. As icing on the cake, Jim did a sled pull around almost the entire inside of the old Seattle Kingdome.

So this is what started the movement and truck culture in America.  Truck pulling go it's start in the 1970's and it depends on who is telling the story, it started in Virginia or North Carolina.  Virginia is the home of truck pulling.  Plain and simple.  More Grand National trucks have came from that area than any where else.  While Winchester was once home to the most pulling trucks at the highest level, the new home of trucks is the Tidewater region of Virginia surrounding Tappahannock.

Back to Bigfoot, I grew up watching Bob Chandler crush cars, pull sleds, you name it.  I even had so many iterations of toys.  I remember picking up my motorized Bigfoot off of lay-away from K-Mart back in the day.  I had the sled, Orange Blossom Special, Black Gold, the Sled, I was in high cotton!  I must have gone through so many pair of blue jeans playing with those toys.  I live the motto, "Bigfoot always goes for the win!"

I am appreciative of the fact that monster trucks and wheel standing mega trucks are so cool. I am truly humbled to still be delivering high quality videos of big things pulling a mechanical sled.  Pulling is all about similar vehicles competing for the furthest distance for trucks and tractors, but occasionally, it is about an exhibition too.  Fans love getting to see things that don't come around that often.  I hope and pray my love for these things doesn't fade as I tend to see them more than the average fan.


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