466CI Light Limited Tractors at Easton Maryland

April 23, 2019

Light Limited Tractors at Easton Maryland

This class used to have 16, 17 tractors in it. Sadly the numbers are dwindling. It will be hard to compete. Life is hard, trust me. But enjoyment can come from applying your knowledge to a given problem. Maybe this is you! Maybe you want the rock and roll life style of a tractor puller. I don't know.

I will tell you there is nothing finer than this class of tractors and the men and sometimes women that drive them are world class. So if you decide to enter the ring, know that the people are incredibly kind outside of the pulling track. On the track they some of the most tenacious competitors' man has ever known. And the action, the smell, the driver skill will make you think this was the best decision of your life!

To the video, this is a bucket list pull. Even ole Dub Dub hasn't made it to this one. Scheduling conflicts and figuring out that whole multiplicity thing just scares me. I will get to this one before I pass on, which I calculate just about 30 more years give or take.

Kenny Rippeon sets the stage for this class at 308.43 and he knows rule number 1, "You do not drop the first hook in tractor pull club!" Next comes Matt Smith and he drops 16 feet on Handsome Man's run going 324 and change. Local puller Parran Bean comes next and goes 307. He is putting on a pull in Leonardtown Maryland on May 25 and this class will be there. Mark Smith, Matt's brother comes back after his huge win at Keystone and goes 310.70 for a solid second place. Good action indeed and even a little fire show.

If you are serious about entering the ring, call me I know people! 71

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