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April 15, 2016
Times change.  So should websites too.  We hear when you are happy, sad, irate, anything.  We feel like motorsports version of Santa Claus.  And we feel that way even more so when we get exactly what you want.  Fans of WWP let us know what they wanted in a new site.  "I want ease of buying, designing, and watching."  "I want a place to talk that bought and paid for."  "I want something that works on my iPad."

Lack of watermarks.  We have had a terrible 2015 when it comes to theft of images and missed sales due to our lack of Watermarks.  Lesson learned.  We will be adding watermarks for the 2016 season and anything we re-release.  We want your to share images and buy the ones you really like.  But saving images doesn't put gas in the tank.  Our prices are competitive.  We have organized photographers so we can share pricing strategies. Our price list is simple: 4x6 for $4 or 4 for $10, 5x5 for $6 or 2 for $10, 8x10 for $25 call for bulk, and 13x19 for $30. The 13x19 print size is a huge fan favorites. It is the best budget choice. Digital Downloads are $10 bucks and $5 to view any video of hooks (includes drops, second attempts and pull off hooks).

We listened.  This website comes via photo package that is geared to the person who wants to put their money in their pocket and not in the hands of a big photo lab.  Photo labs won't do anything for pullers, but I will.  We do send out for bulk orders this is just smart business.  We wanted to be able to proof every work that leaves the shop.  If it doesn't look in keeping with the standards I expect, it doesn't leave the house.  And they always look good when they leave the house.  We use Canon cameras, camcorders, HD microphones, as well as Canon large format printers and inks and photo papers.  Our prints look awesome!

So feel free to create an account so you can mark your favorite photos.  And if you don't see a size, just drop me a line any time.


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