Gerry Young Feature

May 20, 2016

I get calls from pullers all the time.  The phone rings, I pick it up, and I start my pacing in the living room.  This week Gerry Young called me and said, "I need a picture of my truck!"  Another voice says, "Yeah WE NEED 71!" referring to the image from that particular gallery.  I sent them a few extra just in case.  You never know what this will turn into, but I love helping out.

So Gerry Young has watched pullers come in and take what looks to be something he had seemingly wrapped up, Dragon Motorsports 6400LB Pro Stock points championship.  Message received.  Gerry is on a mission.  And that is to bring the title home to Fredericksburg.  Gerry has resumed driving like he did to end the season in 2014.  Gerry seemed to roll off win after win that year.

Gerry's first win was at Millers Tavern this season and he has not let up off the trottle yet.  On this night, Gerry had to wait until Gray Peery got a few passes in.  So who better to watch than the local puller we call "Mountain Man".  Gray read the track and laid down a good pass of 276.29 and then another one that came up short at 265.78.  That drop of Gray 's first hook would prove costly as he dropped 5 places to 7th.  And here is Gerry just sitting back and watching.  Well, strolling, Gerry can't sit still for too long.  He is always moving.  If there is one thing I have learned from him, is that I don't work hard enough.  I need to fix that.  I need to try harder to keep up with Gerry.  So Gerry comes up and takes the Hammer sled out the gate.  "Cheverolet fans where you at now! 283.56"  i can still here it.  It wasn't the furthest pull of the night but it was good enough for this class.  Long time pulling buddy Jerry Smith put his ole Dodge on the 6th spot with a run of 267.62.  And Gregory Griffith put the Southern Comfort on the second spot with a fine pass of 274.40.

So whatever Gerry was working on worked!  He came down from the mountains with another win on this still early season.

Pictures from the event.


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