Chad Nesselrodt Feature

May 24, 2016

Chad Nesselrodt caps tires at the Big L Tire distributor in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  If you didn't know this, then the title of his tractor might put you off at first.  He calls his International Harvester "Recap This".  But if you understand anything about recapping tires, you know what precision goes into this tedious task.  Chad and his wife Brandi keep Michelin's rolling up and down Interstate 81 with relative ease.  As a sponsor for Dragon Motorsports, Big L Tires is the official tire of Dragon as well as Will Whitt Productions. 

So we have written previously about hometown pulls.  There is just something about winning your hometown pull.  Some pullers wait a lifetime it seems to accomplish such a simple sounding task.  Chad has a very powerful, very competitive, and beautiful International Harvester 1066.  Built from 1971 to 1976, this  tractor has more aftermarket parts available for it than any other brand.  But if you look at a field 1066 and Chad's, it is leaps and bounds different than units that handle fields.  Chad's is built to handle the track.

So on to the pull itself.  It was soggy, like George Clooney soggy, and I felt like Delmar, just about a day late and a dollar short, and soggy!  I was on the wrong side of the track for about 80% of the action.  But not for the Super Pro Farm class.  I was right in front on the action.  It started off with good run from Todd Tanner and his tractor Old Grandma. Todd went 281.47 to get the evening started. E L Harlow and his Harlow Harvester came next and put down a run of 289.69. Riding buddy of E L, Thurman Munford took the Mechanical Bull for 292 foot stroll down the track. Then things got exciting. I can count on 1 hand the number of times pullers have run the exact same distance. And by the eyeball test they were dead on. Chad and his Recap This went 293.23 and Billy Rice and his Lights Out went 293.23. The pullers got together sand agreed to do a pull off. America was not built on ties! And neither would this night for this class.

In the Pull Off, Chad got things started after both tractors had a chance to cool down. Recap This went 290.93. "Hot Rod" Haston had done it again. I love it when a sled stops just a little bit short of where they did during the class. Billy's turn to take hot Rod further than 290 and he could only muster 289.69 just about 15 inches short. Billy was all smiles afterward. Chad was all smiles afterward. It was a great night of pulling.

Remember if you want the best tires for your car, truck, medium sized, or heavy duty vehicle, see Chad.  If you want the best pulling coverage, like, subscribe, and share Will Whitt Productions.

Pictures from the event.


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Comments (1)

rudy nesselrodt

on May 29, 2016 08:00 PM
great job chad proud of you and the team need tires see chad at big l tire
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