Leroy Booth Feature

April 26, 2016

This event was a who's who of Mod 4x4 truck pulling.  Long time puller Linda Ziegler  and her Iron Butterfly.  Jimmy Moritz and his new Ford he calls Unleashed.  Dan Savage, aka Mr Chevy, caught up with me a few minutes before the pull to tell me what a good job we are doing here.  Dan, we will keep on doing it for as long as we can do it at the level we feel we need to be doing at.  Then you have the pricks in the sticks, best buddies Kevin Abshire and Troy Nails on Gone A.W.O.L. and Kill'n Time respectively.  Glen Dugan and White Horse and Wayne Tapscott and Tasmanian Terror II.  

Linda Ziegler got the evening's festivities kicked with a big run of 275.00 which guaranteed a sled reset.  The man from Hershey, Jimmy Moritz came in and ran respectable 307.32 which got him 4th place on the evening.  White Horse ran a 286.30 that would put him on the 8 spot.  

Then Leroy Booth stepped up and dropped the hammer going 326.00.  Leroy and his Fare Game Chevrolet put up the mark to beat that eventually put 17 foot on the competition.  Tapscott, Nails, Savage, Abshire, and a Ziegler on her re-hook couldn't do anything to better Leroy's run.  

Congratulations to Leroy and Paul Booth on their win.  I think it is safe to say this truck is going to be winning for a long long time.

Pictures from the event.


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